Obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserve, stored in the fatty tissue of humans and other mammals, exceeds healthy limits. It is commonly defined as a body mass index (weight divided by height squared) of 30 kg/m2 or higher.

Although obesity is an individual clinical condition, some authorities view it as a serious and growing public health problem. Some studies show that excessive body weight has been shown to predispose to various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis.

Obesity Can Be Made Worse by Fad Diets Like the Atkin's and Cabbage Soup Diet

What is obesity? Obesity is a condition in which a person is excessive body weight. If you've ever felt "fat" in your life, you have probably tried a fad diet or two. In any given year will make nearly 100 million Americans on a diet, only to lose the excess weight. Of these, 100 million, 95 percent, which is losing the weight, they gain in five years again.

The worst thing is that one third of the 95 per cent to pounds more than they originally lost in the first place. This causes them to do a number of diets to lose quickly in the hope of the weight. You may be surprised that the traditional way to deal with weight problems, such as using drugs for weight loss or jumping from one fad diet to another, you can arrange to cope with more weight and have more health problems. It is estimated that nearly 65 percent of adult Americans are obese.

Obesity is a health problem - While overweight unattractive (especially in a world is proud of its thin appearances), it is a much bigger problem. Obesity leads to major health problems such as:

- Cancer

- Diabetes

- gallbladder disease

- heart disease

- Hypertension


osteoarthritis In fact, approximately 375,000 deaths attributed to obesity every year. With the staggering amount of obesity-related conditions is the staggering cost of obesity care. According to researchers at Harvard University, about 19 percent of heart disease cases the cost of public health around 30 billion U.S. dollars, about 57 percent of diabetes cases, the system costs about $ 9 billion.

Why diets do not work

If you are looking for a weight loss diet, you will come across many weight loss diet schemes that promise quick and painless way to lose weight. Most quick weight loss diets actually lead to further health problems, bloating, and physical complaints. It is not unusual to be disappointed or depressed when you realize suddenly, the diet does not work.

Lose Weight Realistically

If you really want to lose weight, they must be done in a healthy way. For example, does your diet is well balanced meals that contain a variety of different foods. If you opt for the long-term weight loss, it must be conducted in a safe manner, something that lost in the fad diet plans going.

universally known diets

It is not uncommon to hear a fad diet, a year, just to see, they pale next year. Some disappear out of sight, out of mind because of the lack of security, while to follow them. Others disappear out of sight, out of mind, because the public no longer curious about it. Some popular diets are:

- Atkins Diet

- Beverly Hills Diet

- Cabbage Diet

- Grapefruit Diet

- South Beach Diet

Remember the reason why these diets fail is because they suggest getting rid of a whole food group or only eat certain foods together with the idea that the body is the energy difference by removing parts make of themselves, converting that into energy. It can be seen as self-) Cannibalism (degradation, for weight loss generally starts with the breakdown of stored body fat.


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Obesity Epidemic in America

obesity epidemic

There is an alarming trend that now since the 1960s have been years ago. It is the cushion of America. Waists together to build a heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer. The problem is not one of will power, but toxic. Three main problems are that the (1) is a toxic food environment, (2) urban infrastructure are toxic, and (3) culture is toxic .

Toxic Food Environment

Essen Proximity

Food nearby is known to increase calorie intake. The idea is simple. Insert your favorite candy next to you every day and see if you eat more or less. Studies show that you eat more calories if it is bad food in your area. Have you ever noticed that chocolate bars are on each check in America. There are soda fountains in restaurants, convenience stores, retail stores, contractor shops and much more. McDonald's has been the target of less than four minutes from home. There is an abundance of food nearby for unhealthy foods. Food is close to our increasing consumption of food.

Food Advertising

Do you understand that about 50% of the ads on television by children for junk food? Studies show that children about twice as much junk food eating, after the ads. When eating the food choice, the children make only been shown to preview ads, cake worse decisions. In other words, advertising is very effective. Why else would the food companies spend billions on advertising?

Adults are not immune to the advertising either. Have you ever seen a food display and went into the store to buy? Was it for apples and oranges, or say a cheeseburger, fries and a drink. One might think it's only once, but what happens is that people develop good habits or bad habits. The food companies want you to be a habit, because it develop a revenue stream for them. The one time you've seen a lot, if an ad is more about developing your habit than it is about to eat once or twice.

I had a great idea. How about a poster in the vicinity of every fast-food joint that says fast food causes obesity. It might taste better than potato chips and lemonade Message delicious. Eat up!

Cheap capitalist Foods

The food is manufactured to achieve the owners of the company a profit. There is no great incentive to make high-quality food. The reason is that consumers can not really say what they eat. Consumers are not as sophisticated in their understanding. For example, as you know, was mentioned as the chicken, before it came to your house? It is not like the supermarket manager will say. You could see something in the news once in a while, but that's really enter into the depths for informational purposes only choice? Not really.

businesses, their own ideas on the left to make decisions in their own interest. You hire the chemists who made addictive additives in foods. They work with chemicals to enhance flavors. Sugars and other "harmless" drugs are taken up almost everything. Scientific studies show that consumption of these substances changes in the body. People eat more food containing chemical additives. It is a real food addiction going on, which it difficult for people to lose weight.

city infrastructure

people are crammed into ever smaller spaces. Is it really sensible to stare at her jogging on a busy downtown block breathing exhaust fumes, dodging people and traffic, and that the people. It sounds corny, but there are many people who exercise do not feel comfortable where they live. Some neighborhoods are so dangerous that people do not trust off. In some states, the streets are very narrow and there are no sidewalks continue to run or walk. These may sound like excuses, but people do not practice too much. The Surgeon General recommends at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Studies show that few people get the exercise.

On a brighter note, you, Colorado has one of the lowest obesity in the United States. The main reason is that the infrastructure for doing outdoor activities is much better than most other states. The policy takes care of the problem there. In fact, Colorado is also working with local restaurants to try and get the right dosage meals and calories.

Toxic Culture

sugar intake

With obesity, the most important thing to control your intake of sugar. Sugar spikes insulin, which then transform to sugar and stores it in fat cells. Furthermore, excess sugar intake is the cause of food binging and overeating. Why? It is food for the body, of course, after the consumption of sugar, to say more. Then, after the blood sugar falls, the bodies natural reaction is to eat until the blood sugar is rebuilt. It is an unhealthy diet cycle.


What is the food for Halloween? Sugar. As the food is for Valentine's Day? Sugar. What comes with Thanksgiving dinner. Cake and ice cream (sugar). What brings people to take you to Christmas? Biscuits, sweets, bread, cakes, chocolate. Again, it is a lot of sugar. How do people celebrate birthdays? Cake and ice cream (sugar). Sugar tastes good and is everywhere. How difficult it is to avoid it. Do you want to be the person who does not say, all holiday splurges? If you are overweight or obese, you have to say no, and the example. This is part of the toxic culture. Americans love to celebrate with something sweet too.

Eating For Love

What people often do not know for fun? Dinner and a movie is probably the most frequently performed by some couples. The people are as friends and go out to dinner. People want to celebrate a lot of small things by eating ice cream, cakes, cookies, and chocolates. Food is to say: "I love you"? It sounds a little absurd, but just read some of the chocolate on Valentine's Day, I read that love you.

Here is part of the emotional eating happens. If you feel, you might want something to celebrate with friends and family through the food. How do you celebrate without eating and make it fun? The truth is that many people do not know how to celebrate or have a good time without food. Perhaps, as a culture, it would be good to celebrate in other ways. The fact is that around two thirds of the population is either overweight or obese.


Thinning involves the training itself, the observation of trends and sticking with weight loss plans. There is a lot to understand reasons for obesity and why people are obese will help you avoid many pitfalls.


There is a lot more to obesity and weight loss support than can be covered here. Please visit Obesity or Causes of Obesity

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Overcoming Teen Obesity

In addition to the extremely difficult for your child's body image is obesity a key factor in determining the quality of life and life expectancy. If your daughter is overweight, now is the probability of him or her well with heart disease in later life increased.

Approaching your child about weight issues can be very tricky and difficult, especially if your teen is struggling with obesity. But with the right approach, you can help in a position to make your teen differences, which literally save his or her life.

Lead by Example

One of the most profound ways that can affect your teen about maintaining healthy weight is to lead by example. If you are sitting in front of the TV eating potato chips, stop, your teen may have more to do. If your daughter sees you are exercising and being active, he or she may be willing to join you. Invite your teen, you on a walk, or register for a charity walkathon to be connected and go regularly to prepare. Remove

Unhealthy Choices

We do not often remember how difficult it is to fight obesity, if the food in our homes contributes to so much. You can help your teen tackle obesity simply by making certain changes in your shopping list shopping habits. Be sure to keep plenty of fruits and vegetables in the house. Stop buying junk food, including candy, cookies and lemonade. Change from white bread to whole grain. Buy cereal and encourage your child to (a bowl of cereal for breakfast every morning, studies have shown that people who eat cereal for breakfast not only to maintain their weight better, but) also improved blood sugar levels throughout the day. Intervene


Obesity is caused by overeating, but determining the cause of overeating can help combat the problem. Teens overeat out of habit, boredom, and out of the depression. In some cases, due to the use of drugs, but mostly it is something that can be addressed or treated. Let your child know how much you him or her, but be prepared to be direct about your concerns about the weight of your child's love theme. If you were previously struggling with weight, talk with your child about your own struggles. If your teenagers are depressed or bored, help them find activities that do their passions fuel, and encourage them to something new and exciting.

If you are on your child's health because of obesity concerns, now make an appointment with your child's doctor. Often the same things heard from the doctor that your teen has to bring you a greater influence on hearing.

Do not Judge

Do not judge your teen about his image. Try not to their ability, with the popularity of losing weight or at school, how well you relate to him or her as a person. In fact, you start see the amazing and wonderful things to your child that his or contribute to conquer their confidence and self esteem, so that obesity be tackled a challenge.


Norbert Georget is an accomplished professional speaker, teen motivator, parenting expert and author of the book, No-Nonsense Parenting For Today's Teenager - How To Feel Like A Good Parent Even When Your Teenager Hates You. You may get a FREE REPORT called No-Nonsense Parenting for the Disrespectful Teenager. All the answers you'll need to deal with your disrespectful teenager.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Information - Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Work?

gastric bypass surgery is not a panacea. This information will hopefully expand your thinking to help you make an informed decision.

Your body is the temple. You need to protect themselves and take care of it. Part of this process is meant to help you and ultimately what will hurt you. In most cases, we have underlying emotional issues that play a role in our diet and health habits. Gastric bypass surgery will not be able to heal if that is the case.

Many people get into bad habits that snowballs over the years and cause excessive weight gain.

affects obesity epidemic proportions in America. The statistics are growing each year. It leads to serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease. A thinking man, the question arises, why this disease is growing so fast and out of control? Is it our fault? Can you check? Is there something in the food we eat?

It is possible that some of this is not our fault. However, we can take control and responsibility for ourselves, and I think we may need. When Let us not who wants to. It has been proven that in most cases did not receive gastric bypass surgery on the real issue, and therefore have no lasting effect. We need the facts about what makes us fat, so that we start moving in a positive direction once and for all can learn.

is a symptom of malnutrition after gastric bypass surgery. The body can not take on the amount of food to keep sufficient supplies to the body. This should be a concern for everybody. You can see things like hair falling in clumps, the inability, digestive problems, eating, etc. This is not a health approach.

Find out more about the internal parasites and other critters that wreak havoc on your body and have to learn to eliminate them. This is a very important step, do not handle it, it does not. It is an area that is usually a surprise to most people. Inform yourself so you can take control.

Hopefully gastric bypass surgery information in the eyes, opened to safer methods that really work. Start today on a quest to become healthy. The faster you can defeat the quicker you catch in your life. It has enough stolen from your life. Knowledge is power. Start now!


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Obesity - A Disease With Deadly Complications

Despite the public perception regarding the causes of obesity, the number of obese and overweight people is rising at an alarming rate. According to statistics at the 14th European Congress on Obesity presented more than 300 million people worldwide are affected by obesity. To evaluate studies that have that obesity in Europe has increased 15 percent in the past ten years, while it has doubled in Japan since 1982.

The big concern among the experts is the amazing number of obese and overweight children. In the U.S., for example, the proportion of overweight young people in the last 25 years has tripled.

Obesity is no longer an aesthetic problem. In some countries in Western Europe is up to 8 percent of total health expenditure budget to obesity and its complications are associated. In our days, the obese state is firmly connected to a number of serious illnesses such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other significant health problems that are considerate of death.

The actual finding that obesity epidemic will lead to the conclusion that obesity must be recognized and treated as a disease with fatal complications. The majority of prevention efforts must be made because the young population is overweight child illnesses lies in the vicinity of certain high risk of developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes later in life associated target.

statistics show an alarming number of children who get type 2 diabetes because of their weight problems. Experts say 20 years ago, young people with type 2 diabetes was diagnosed very rarely. At that time, only 2 percent were newly diagnosed with diabetes pacient young, during these days is the number of young people with diabetes, 20%.


Valerian D is a freelance writer interested in issues that require a special medical attention such as obesity, diabetes and cholesterol.

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Obesity Cancer - A Epidemic in the Making With Europe Recording a 77 Percent Increase Over 6 Years

These are shocking figures. In 2008, developed into 124,000 people in Europe alone, cancer, just because they are overweight. Figures have been saying recently by a team of researchers from the University of Cardiff, where it went, that seems to have released overweight women have a higher incidence of cancer.

As with men, it was much less compared with 3.2% of all new cases of cancer than women at 8.6%. Another surprising revelation is the fact that the Central European countries seem to have a higher incidence of cancer are overweight, compared to the rest of Europe.

The most common cancers linked to obesity were endometrial, breast and colon cancer. A leading researcher from the team told the ECCO-ESMO European Cancer Conference in Berlin recently that it is possible to be overweight, the number one cause of cancer among women in a decade.

They used data from the WHO and the International Agency for Research on Cancer for their research.

from an estimated 70,000 cases in 2002, of cancer, obesity, the projections show that increasing the number to 124,000 in 2008. This represents an increase of 77 percent.

Obesity has long been known that the risk of cancer increases, and the evidence continues to mount. In June 2009, the Swedish researchers found that women had the weight-loss surgery were 42 percent less likely to develop cancer during a 10-year study.

steps are being taken in Europe to combat the obesity epidemic, but the study emphasizes the urgency of the challenge and the extent of the problems caused by obesity. The researchers felt that is the face of an unrelenting epidemic of obesity, control the apparent failure of health policy to gain weight, it is necessary to seek alternative strategies, including pharmacological approaches.


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Obesity and Overweight - They Don't Mean the Same Thing

In order to explain was why overweight and obesity are different are, I need to define these terms.

The medical community defines obesity as an excess of body weight.

however, which include fat, muscle, bone and water.

While obesity is defined as an excess of body fat.

So, as you can see, being overweight is not always an unhealthy person, or even a weight problem.

For example, an athlete that has a large amount of muscle mass, like a wrestler, a football player, a weightlifter, all of them can be overweight in a healthy manner, and they are not overweight.

So, we need to understand as obesity is not a cosmetic problem, it is a health problem, a serious, even for children.

As obese all areas of the body must work harder to carry the extra pounds of body fat. These include the lungs, heart, kidneys and skeleton.

I remember when I was pregnant, nothing (will pay more than my own body as food bag) was almost a torment: my feet and knees hurt, my heart is increased somewhat, I feel exhausted very quickly, and my own comfort was thinking all this is done in a few months, but just think about all bear the weight permanently!

Some health problems are obesity:



heart disease


respiratory problems


Psychological and social negative impacts




Menstrual irregularities

Pregnancy Complications


Now that we have some of the main health problems associated with obesity, I will have some good news: Even a small reduction in your weight can have many health problems that will improve you already suffer.

people usually use as a synonym for overweight and obesity, but actually they are not the same meaning. One possibility, a health problem, the other maybe not ...

Maybe I feel terrible when your own image on a mirror, but that mirror is not the real problem the real problem, it is in you.


Sophie Barbosa usually writes articles about his 2 passions: money and finances and weight loss. Not only does this author specialize in diet, fitness and weight loss, you can also check out his latest website on Motorola Flip Phone which reviews and lists the best Motorla Razr Phones for you.

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The Fatosphere is Filled With Enablers

Recently I read an article about blogs written by fat people. These bloggers ask their readers:

  • accept their "fat"

  • not believe everything, the problem of obesity "propaganda"

  • Stay away from diets
These bloggers have some good points, but some of the things they say, are completely ridiculous. They are easy for her poor lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. These bloggers and their readers are not in a position to lose and keep out of the weight. So, now they have convinced themselves that they can not lose the weight.

They remind me of the many smokers I met while I have a residence. They would tell me that smoking is not really bad for you. That does not produce the smoking cancer. Smokers always George Burns as an example or had an uncle who, until he 150 years old smoked. Hilarious.

I did not research this "fatosphere" blogs personally, but after the article of this blog readers to ask:

  • accept their bodies - I agree. We should all love the skin we are not on, we can all try to improve our health through the pursuit of a healthy and normal body mass index.

  • stop dieting - I agree. Diets are short-term waste of time. They should want to focus instead on long-term changes in lifestyle with healthy eating and physical activity.

  • believe that "big is beautiful - I agree. Thinning should not be about looks. It should be about health. Some people are more attractive if they are overweight, but they should still lose weight, improve their health.

  • not believe, in the exercise more and eat less dogma - I do not agree. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Most people simply should again reduce their weight loss expectations, and think long term. Focus on trying to between half a pound to lose a pound a week.

  • not believe that obesity a choice to be made - I do not agree. Obesity is a choice. You decide not to prevent the poor lifestyle that you lose weight and keep it out.

  • faith may well in any size - I agree. You may well in any size. They would only healthier if you were body mass index within normal limits.

  • believe that they always overweight - I do not agree. If you believe you can and lose weight, then you will lose weight. You just have to believe in yourself and make the necessary behavioral changes.

  • believe that there are advantages of being overweight - I do not agree. There are no health benefits for overweight.

  • not believe that all people should be thin - I agree. All people should not be thin, but they should have a normal body mass index have. If you are at the upper limit of normal body mass index are, you are anything but thin.
The Internet is a wonderful tool and I love Web 2.0. However, this medium allows people are wrong to spread idiotic uneducated people.


About The Author:

Kalvin Chinyere, M.D. is a physician who understands obesity from both ends because he was an overweight child, an obese teen, and a morbidly obese adult. Before losing 140 pounds, he tipped the scale at almost 340 pounds. At his Weight Loss Tips website he provides weight loss tips and product reviews, such as this one on his favorite product, the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells.

(c) Copyright - Kalvin Chinyere. All Right Reserved Worldwide

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Obese People Make Athletic Endeavors Everyday

I have a few overweight people who are as well known? More active? Normal weight? People.? It is rare to see an overweight person walks run in the Chicago Marathon to be seen.? Being? Being overweight is not healthy for many reasons, and I'm not sure people are obese.

It's amazing when negative comments from people who make their exercise fitness program on foot.? It is a state of mind that only the elderly and obese people who go because they are physically weak.? These two categories of people walk slow and easy;? Yes, it does not matter the speed of their step.? You will be surprised that it does not matter to learn if you or run one miles of the results will be the same.? The number of calories burned per pound? Like it? For obese people than normal size adults during walking.? The elderly and obese people have trouble breathing, have difficulty moving their bodies, have other medical issues, and they have lost their motivation.? It's admirable when someone in her life inspired to get up then, and go.? It is difficult for them physically and mentally and make every effort to take them? Enormous? Task. ? It is much like training, as athletic, for a marathon.

As discovered, walking is a weight control and obese people, their body? Weight experience many healthy benefits and result in the vicinity, on which every sporting ventures than normal-weight people.? There are have been studies on this theory and because of their size, are their experiences when walking significantly higher in the results achieved.? As an example of this theory let us? When a person is 200 pounds, each step they take, they are trying to lift 200 pounds (a very sporty everyday) and weighs on the other hand, a person weighing 140 pounds to 140 pounds with each step that it lift is.? Both individuals will be brought by their own body weight in question, is not it? Who do you think you have harder on the dissolution of their body of work?

The road from where I live there is a "senior assistant living object."? Every day when I am in my daily walk, there are older people walking in my neighborhood.? Some of them use a cane or walker, but most of them went without subsidization.? It seems they are happy people and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.?

Many times, a personal trainer or someone in the medical field is obese people with walking slowly to start.? These professional people to know that? "If a person is overweight? Stands up, moves her body and they go immediately begin to build strength and endurance to a healthier life. If you have an obese person or an elderly person can see outside to walk their exercise fitness program, I? Hope you are proud of them and know they make more effort to be fit, as they and their athletic abilities can be challenging when you compete with them.


I personally invite you to come to http://www.livehealthybywalking.com Take action by signing up for updates of new postings, activities and informational articles relating to walking your way to a healthy lifestyle. If you are under the impression that you just go outdoors to walk, you may be surprised what you will learn about Nordic Walking, Interval Walking, Power Walking, Walking in light rain; walking and training for marathons and much more. Claim your health by joining other walkers.

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Can Bariatric Surgery Improve Your Life?

If you are overweight, it could be in baratric surgery and wonder whether it can really change your life. The answer is yes. Bariatric surgery is the only method of weight loss is medically recognized for those who are severely overweight, to be effective. You are likely to be obese if you're a hundred pounds more than your ideal weight. Your doctor will calculate a BMI or Body Mass Index on the level of obesity. If your BMI over thirty-five or more, then you are seriously obese. On average, people who have bariatric surgery will lose seventy five percent of their excess weight have a better life leads.

If you are in the parameters of being morbidly obese, it's hard to be as dangerous to fall for your health. This type of obesity leads to many diseases and ailments that shorten your life. Morbid obesity can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, gallstones, fatty liver, sleep apnea, infertility, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, pregnancy complications and an increased likelihood of developing certain types of cancer. Bariatric surgery is the only proven long-term method of weight control for the morbidly obese.

There are multiple types of bariatric surgery and your doctor will help you choose the best for you. The laparoscopic method, or Lap Band is the preferred method because it has several advantages. The lap band surgery requires less time in hospital, causing less pain and the patient back into their normal routine faster. Some of the benefits you can look forward to a successful bariatric surgery are low blood pressure. They will also help lower your cholesterol, have fewer chances, diabetes, sleep better, and more. All this leads to an improved and longer life. Your biggest weight loss immediately after surgery and then it will settle in a few weeks. They should be about seventy five percent of your weight loss within the first year. This will all happen if the instructions that you would never see your doctor after the surgery.


Focus 28

We are the #1 resource for Bariatric Nutritional Supplies, Information and Free E-Tools to keep you on track. Our products taste great and are high in Protein. We understand how hard it is to stay on track, so we have put together all the food, tools and information you need to keep you going.

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3 Things Damaging Your Liver and Keeping You Fat - Be Cautious Before it is Too Late

According to the dictionary, the liver is a large organ in the abdomen, the gall, and maybe that is that a common layman knows about this very important organ. The function of the liver is toxic waste, and bodily metabolism and are the main causes of liver disease to treat.

When the fat (from foods that you consume) is trapped in the liver with toxins to be disturbed the normal functions of the liver to start it, the weight as well. How to achieve weight loss, you need your liver through a liver detox diet for at least two or three times a year, and this will also contribute a lot to the protection of liver damage and liver disease.

# 1 - Obesity

number one culprit behind obesity, liver damage, at least from the perspective of metabolism. Record and save your liver starts to excess amounts of fat, more than his ability as you consume more sugar and this leads to steatosis or fatty liver. If your liver cells start storing fat, are valuable resources are lost, and this can lead to death in the long run.

# 2 - Alcohol

This is perhaps the greatest enemy of the liver and even if you drink moderate amounts of alcohol, it will certainly lead to liver damage. If you are a regular and heavy drinker, it is only a matter of time before you have severe forms of liver disease Treaty. And your weight loss is also a throw.

# 3 - Drugs

from drugs I am referring to any type of vegetable oils, potions, herbal liver support pills, homeopathic medicines, illegal drugs, smoking, caffeine and doctor prescribed medication. However, there are exceptions, of course, many exceptions in the act.


Two more culprits are unhealthy junk food and viral hepatitis. Now that you know which are the 5 things that cause liver damage and liver disease, you should concentrate on how to protect yourself against them. To know more details on and to get a free report on reverse liver disease and prevent liver damage, please browse through http://www.soaringtop.com/liver/ and enlighten yourself.

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Obesity - How to Stop Obesity in Its Tracks - Want to Know How?

Its fat and excess weight is one thing, but to be obese is like a rocket out of control. Have you yourself in the mirror lately? If yes, what you see? Who is this person on the other side?

Imagine if this person if you saw a child? Eating junk food is not the problem. The exercise is not the problem. Where do you start when you're the fat person on the other side of the mirror. Again, before you go.

obesity-how to stop obesity in its tracks Want to know how? There are 3 steps you must take to stop this seemingly unstoppable epidemic.

Step # 1 Take control of eating what you do.

  • Learn how to read the labels of foods to take responsibility for what you put in your mouth to take.
  • your doctor what is wrong with you questions.
  • have made your health and check whether the problem is the medical (not consider likely), however, beg to differ. Eat
  • on the "smart" train today, Get.

Step # 2 Learn how your opinion is responsible for many of your terrible eating habits.

  • If you learn how to control your mind, you will change your perspective on food forever.
  • Find out what you learned in school, how your mind controls all, and should be "how" you have to control your mind. Be determined
  • , no matter what happens.
  • Take a success too. Search for help.

Step 3 Learn to understand the importance of the lifestyle of today and how it affects your habits.

  • You have to understand, do not change as the adjustment to your lifestyle.
  • If you do not like to train, that's fine, accept it and move on.
  • your busy lifestyle has nothing to do with what you eat. This is just an excuse. Learn to adjust your lifestyle to the new, slim and fit in the form of "you".

Food for thought.


Do you want to learn more about how my wife and I do it? Click here to find out! http://www.gopep2.com

If you want to regain control of your life, start investing in"YOU". Are you ready to make it? Click here to find out more! http://theequestkeepitsimplestupiddiet.com/?page_id=165 Act Today.

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How to Fight Obesity and Cellulite

If you are overweight, the chances are sick or ill because of cellulite and excess weight is above average. For starters, it's not healthy to be overweight. Obesity can cause a great damage and inflict damage to your body and its organs.

What some of the things that can happen to me if I'm overweight?

If you are overweight, you can change many things, and also in your body. Diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, and heart attacks are just some of the complaints that can happen. If a person is overweight, they tend to have pain most of the time, and they also tend to have trouble breathing. Cellulite upward to obesity can cause you to walk around a lot slower to show themselves less to the public, be depressed, and finally, most people who are overweight sulk and sink to a crashing low point in their lives. What can you do to help with this?

willpower is the first option you should consider. Do you want to really cause the elimination of cellulite and weight that you fear them? The answer is probably yes, or you still do not read this article. I hope that by now you must come to understand that you read this article in order to improve your health and you are all well-being. This is an important starting point for you. Here and now. Exercise is the best starting point for now. First, depending on the severity of your weight condition, it is advisable to your doctor before you consult a training program.

What should I eat?

For starters, cut back on all fatty foods and saturated fats. They are absolutely terrible and creatures on this earth, no matter what shape or age you are! If you still have trouble losing weight after some time, there are local groups that you should see. Did you connect any fear. Remember, the power and you will only go for it!

And remember that the people in these groups in support of cellulite and excess weight as you will fight.

stretch marks, cellulite creams that work them?

The answer is YES! However, not all products are designed. There are many cellulite reduction is available today, but before buying one of them, I am very little research is a first step should be.


However, before making a mistake and getting the wrong product, visit the website below and see what everyone is talking about:

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Weight Loss - A Great Problem

Obesity is the biggest problem of most Americans. In America, almost half the population is overweight. Each year nearly 300,000 people die because of obesity. Even when people try to diet for the entire year, they are still overweight. For this reason, obesity has become a very big problem, and we want to take measures to control it.

The Institute of Medicine defined as overweight, a man who has more than 25% of body fat and women with more than 30% of body fat, obesity affected.

people who are affected by obesity, the risk of dangerous diseases such as heart attack, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, etc., so it is very important to obesity.

The best ways to control obesity, with a proper diet, proper aerobic exercise and healthy lifestyle. If you are obese, you want a proper diet and take you less than 1200 calories per day. Exercise is strongly recommended. Daily exercise can be for 1 hour in the morning. It burns extra calories in your body and let yourself feel better. Healthy lifestyle is another important factor for successful weight loss. Stop the wine or carbonated drinks. Try green tea, other than coffee. Take natural weight loss pills. Weight loss pills will be great if you are the best pills that do not cause any side effects.

As obesity has become a major problem, it is in their hands to stop. So be smart enough to overweight and a happy life.


visit Weight Loss Pills for weight loss pills reviews and Acai Berry Reviews for Acai berry reviews.

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Food Intolerance and Obesity - It May Not Be Your Fault That You're Fat

As many as 80-90% of us have a form of negative reaction to one or more foods or additives. Eating foods that can be used in a variety of symptoms such as headache, migraine, weight gain, chronic fatigue, hyperactivity (ADD), arthritis, respiratory and skin diseases.

The food types, we can in many foods generally considered healthy and nutritious. Many of these are consumed, while on a weight loss scheme: lettuce, cucumber, tuna, chicken and lemon as examples. This could explain why so many of us starve on a low-calorie, low carbohydrate diet and still not losing weight. To matters worse, many of the foods that we are intolerant, are the very foods that we are addicted to!

When the offending food is consumed, an inflammatory reaction occurs, with the body mounting an immune response against them. This can be a variety of reactions within the body. Changes in brain serotonin levels mimics depression and triggers a craving for sweet foods. Eat these simple sugars produces temporary relief, but brings a rise in insulin that causes craving for more sugar. It is this vicious circle that results in the failure of so many attempts to lose weight.

As soon as the trigger foods are identified, simple elimination of these substances can lead to weight loss, especially in combination with an exercise regime. The ALCAT test is a simple blood test that can be an individual reaction to 150 common food substances and 20 chemical /food additives. Dietary eliminate your favorite foods may not be easy at first but these foods can be again, after 3-6 months. The food is unique to your specific body physiology, and it avoids the unnecessary elimination of entire food groups or counting calories.

customers who stay on the new eating plan weight loss, increased energy prices and improved welfare. It is at least moderate improvement with obesity (98%), migraine (78%), arthritis (77%), eczema (67%), chronic fatigue (71%), chronic sinusitis (62%), diarrhea /constipation (73% )

food intolerance testing and the elimination of foods can trigger the solution for the many people who find it difficult to lose weight, although the nutritional and lifestyle changes.


Dr Christine Cheng is the Aesthetic doctor at Simply Aesthetic (http://www.simply-aesthetic.com), a cosmetic clinic in Singapore. She runs an effective slimming program combining the Food Intolerance Test with Advanced Contouring techniques to speed up the fat melting process.

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Obesity May Harm Your Health in Many Ways

overweight, the condition where there is a significant increase in body mass index, is now proving to be really deadly. Obesity is, in fact, one of these problems, which are preventable claims lives in large numbers throughout the world. Since excess body weight is associated with many problems in almost all parts and systems of the body, a condition exacerbated by obesity can be deadly even for the obese.

obesity affects different systems in the human body when in a condition worse. Negative effects of obesity in humans. The following are:

cardiovascular problems:

There is a direct connection between the accumulation of fat in the body and blood and heart, various problems can be created. High blood pressure is one of the most common problems that are usually caused by obesity. High cholesterol and atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries) are some other problems commonly seen in obese people. Also by inflammation of the arteries that supply blood to the heart may also be reduced, thus an increased risk of heart failure. In fact, more than 12% of heart failure cases caused by obesity.

Endocrine and reproductive problems:

The presence of extra fat in the body also hampers the production of many hormones. This happens due to the presence of cells, the production of some hormones. Since the abdominal fat in patients affected the production of insulin digesting cells, it is said, to type 2 diabetes mellitus. Other problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, pain, menstrual disorders, infertility, etc., are known for engaging in the reproduction. Even in pregnancy complications may occur, which also lead to deficiencies in the birth of the baby.


Medical researchers have not been able to accurately ascertain the reason for this result, but it was already found that the obese increases the risk of cancer to a large extent, especially in women. Chances of developing colon cancer, including other cancers such as breast, esophagus cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, etc. are also common in obese women. In addition, you can develop, stomach, prostate, endometrial, ovarian or cancer of the cervix. Obese people must be especially careful of their kidneys.

neurological problems:

Neurological problems are not a direct effect of increased body fat. Since obesity can lead to problems such as hypertension and diabetes, the circulation of the heart and brain, there are several problems that may occur. Strokes can also be due to the reduced blood flow to the brain, potentially leading to impairments. Due to improper functioning of the brain, and other problems such as dementia, headache, meralgia paresthetica (pain in the outer thigh injury of nerves), carpal tunnel syndrome and idiopathic intracranial hypertension may also occur.

musculoskeletal disorders:

Obesity can also cause a great burden on the human skeletal system. Since the bones and the skeleton-frame to carry much more weight, it can lead to stress, which causes problems such as osteoarthritis. Back pain causes, there is also an indirect effect of obesity, diabetes and osteoarthritis. Gout can also be due to the accumulation of uric acid in the joints, usually the big toe of the foot. This condition leads to a huge, unbearable pain.

respiratory diseases:

Obesity causes the tissue to soften and the muscles are reduced by the respiratory tract, problems may arise in the airways to the most common is obstructive sleep apnea. In addition, obesity hypoventilation syndrome is an extended form, since the amount of oxygen from the lungs. Asthma, another disease can also occur because of obesity.

gastrointestinal problems:

Obesity causes problems such as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, which is a heartburn reflux condenser, the mucosal damage in the esophagus. Fatty liver inflammation is also a result. Moreover, formation of stones in the gallbladder and hernia can also help overweight people.

genitourinary problems:

by obesity, the development and functioning of the genitals can be affected to a great extent. Urinary incontinence, chronic renal insufficiency with slow loss of kidney function, hypogonadism (improper functioning of sex organs in men and women) and erectile dysfunction or impotence, can be caused as a result of obesity.

Mental problems:

Obesity leads to a lot of psychological problems in patients, as they have to face a lot of social stigma by their appearance. This can lead to depression and low self-esteem. Body dysmorphic disorder or bothering too much about body parts ration also caused a lot of stress and social isolation. In some cases, negative psychological pressure, people may even commit suicide.

skin problems:

Although not really fatal, obesity also causes various skin problems among patients such as pregnancy strip, acanthosis (hyper-pigmentation of skin folds), Lymphedema, or fluid retention in various body parts, including cellulitis, carbuncle or intertrigo.

All these problems are a direct or indirect consequence of obesity. There are so many problems that can be caused, some of which are reversible and irreversible. Obesity, like any other disease should be treated with care and caution!


Obesity and it's cure needs a Doctor to treat it medically. Obesity Information and some of the FDA approved medication like Reductil helps an obese patient to get rid of overweight in healthy way.

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The Common Stages of Diet Following Bariatric Surgery

If a person's life-changing decision, Bariatric surgery they are about the entire process. These include pre-operation, the actual procedure, and after the surgery. Some people may think that if the operation is completed, the weight can be reduced. The surgeon, along with other specialists, the importance of focusing on more than just the surgery. The surgery alone is not what leads to successful weight loss. It is an important tool that must be supported by changes in diet and exercise in full of the work.

After surgery the patient's diet has changed dramatically. No more discs favorite pizza or candy bars. The patients are regularly in their journey with a Bariatric Program, which provides information about what to eat after the operation. There are different levels of foods the patient can host. One to two days after the surgery, the patient is monitored, how well he or she is the small quantities of sugar drinks such as Gatorade, water, broth or tea. It is recommended to use a cup to drink and not through a straw or a bottle because this can lead to swallowing too much air, which results in gas.

If the patient can drink, the surgeon will probably go with the next step, which can feed up to one month after the operation. This diet consists of three meals per day from purred food, unless the person concerned is not hungry enough, at this point. Since the stomach is smaller, there will be fewer parts. Protein and nutrients are crucial because they have the cure. Many patients choose lean meat, milk, eggs and beans for their daily amounts. It is rather a challenge to the recommended daily amount of nutrients, because the person has a smaller stomach, but the same amount of nutrients, such as a person who is a regular size of the stomach. Multivitamins and calcium supplements are usually taken.

Once a month, pureed food has past, the surgeon may recommend the patient to a solid food, which is the final step of post-op diet. This may be the most difficult step of the new diet to eat healthier, there is critical to see optimal results. Protein is still very important to be on a daily basis. Typical healthy food can be eaten, for life include fish, pasta, whole-grain items, chicken and cheese.

Diet Bariatric surgery changes following are extremely important. Not only that they determine how successful your outcome will be, it helps with your general health.


Focus 28

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Winning the War on Obesity

Obesity is the number one cause of illness and death in America. It is so out of control, that it's almost embarrassing to our personal and financial health. Yet the Americans continue to eat unhealthy foods. In fact, we are on these foods to eat, we have to "obesigenic." By this I mean, we have an environment that also promotes the increased intake of non-food and healthy couple that with physical inactivity. If you have two-thirds of Americans either overweight or obese (many of them children), it is clear that something must be done.

While poor eating habits, genetics, and physical inactivity are the main factors contributing to obesity in the United States, other factors contribute to the problem. The need to "XXL" is everything. For example, McDonald's has recently launched a new line of "Super Burger" with more beef than ever before. Sales of the new Hamburg decreasing. Other factors contributing to obesity in the U.S. are stress, low self-esteem and more drugs. Americans often eat to their self-esteem and stress. And we take large quantities of drugs that increase fluid intake /retention and add pounds.

Obesity Has A Ripple Effect

But what's really frightening is that the experts have now recognized that obesity is not only a ripple effect on our health, but also our way of life. Obesity to serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and liver and gallbladder problems. It has been scientifically proven that it is linked to some cancers (particularly breast and colon cancer). And it contributes to the deterioration osteoarthritisa of the cartilage and underlying bone in a jointas and the early start of menstruation. These are all important medical problems for the Americans.

In addition, obesity is enormous stress on our economy, what most Americans do not realize. Obesity is not only our personal out-of-pocket costs, but also impact on the cost of health insurance system, Medicare and Medicaid, among other areas of healthcare. From 1998, the latest available statistics, medical expenses directly to obesity totaled more than $ 78 billion, according to private insurance sources. This figure includes both private and public spending. This is a financial burden, not directly to each of us.

What's The Solution

What is the solution? The government recognized the problem in the 1990s and is sitting on the head. Some government bodies, such as the Centers for Disease Control, have their attacks on obesity. The CDC has a program in 1999 focused on improving the nutrition and physical activity as an important way to combat the problem of obesity in this country. This program provides the people on why they should be eating healthy foods, and has throughout the country. Overall, the CDC is working with 23 state health departments on the obesity problem.

private organizations have also The Fray. The Food Studies Institute (FSI) is responsible for the change in the health of children through proper nutrition and education. These efforts are a life long work of Dr. Antonia Demas, whose pioneering curriculum, Food is Elementary, educates children about nutrition by providing a positive experience of food and food ingredients, the preparation is fun, hands-and sensory-based .

These organizations are having an impact. While more can be done in this area, for example, many schools have fundamentally changed their menus. They now offer more healthy food selection than a few years ago. So are hospitals. You can get a good salad or vegetables more options for most hospitalsnot case 10 years ago. And it would be nice to see more public and private programs, the problem of obesity in the U.S., it is clear that both authorities and private institutions to do what they can.

Meeting obesity's Challenge

But when we look at the problem of obesity, we change our diet and our way of life. First, we need to eat more fruit and vegetables. The key to good health, they contain the important vitamins, minerals and fiber we need daily. Fruit and vegetables are also natural sources of energy. They give the body many of the nutrients needed to move through the day. Even more important is that fruit and vegetables reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease and certain cancers.

But eating more fruit and vegetables is just one tactic in the fight against obesity. In addition, we also need other changes, such as meat substitutes, including whole grains or beans to our daily protein needs. Whatever measures we take, one thing is sure: If we win the war against obesity, we need to radically change both our diet and our way of life. It is a war we can not afford to lose.


Marlene M. Marcello (formerly Marcello-McKenna), prominent author, inspirational speaker, and 25-year terminal cancer survivor, is a recognized authority on holistic health. A certified nutritional consultant and wellness coach and educator, she has been a guest speaker at numerous holistic health conferences, appeared on national TV and radio talk shows, and been featured in magazines like Ladies Home Journal and Your Health. Her well-documented survival from terminal cancer provoked the medical establishment into increasing ongoing research on nutritional intervention and other holistic approaches to cancer.Her Web site is: http://www.medmacro.com

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Reasons Why You May Be Gaining Weight - Part 1

More than 128 million Americans (two thirds of the U.S. population) are overweight. Sixty million are obese, and 10 million are severely overweight. That means about 66% of the population has weight issues. Obesity is a serious disease that can cause cancer, diabetes, hypertension and premature death. But it is equally hard to help an obese patient, because it is a cancer patient. More than diet and activity can cause obesity. Let us twenty five reasons why you may be weight gain.

1 - Are You Upset?

If you have the weight gain during calories and is physically active, your body reacts to negative situations. Difficult relationships at home or at work are not only stressful, these emotions can rest in your body cells, turning pound of body weight in fat. Buying a house and the children are wonderful, but can be very stressful. The answer to weight loss may be a simple lifestyle change, the natural health. Acupuncture and chiropractic care are beneficial in alleviating stress.

2 - Food allergies

There are millions of overweight people who never eat. This could be an indication of a food allergy. Many food sensitivities no symptoms up to 12 to 24 hours later. It is not just a question of avoiding sugary sweets, fast food and beverages. Even healthy foods can help increase weight if you are allergic. The Alcat blood test can determine if you suffer from food sensitivities delayed start.

3 - Lack of specific vitamins

Some people hold liquid and do not know why. It could be a vitamin deficiency. People who live in low calcium or folic acid may increase in weight. Since they are not aware, the vitamins your body needs for optimal energy, many vitamins, if they do not really need. Some people are unable to complete the vitamins they take in. The SpectraCell blood test can confirm the body's vitamin levels.

4 -

hormonal imbalance stress, midlife, menopause, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, plastics, chemicals in our food, water and air, and many other toxins can mimic estrogen when they enter our body. This can affect the endocrine system and hormonal balance. Any interference with cortisol, insulin, or thyroid hormones initiate weight gain.

After 40 years, our normal metabolism begins to slow down naturally, because it is less hormonal output. For people in midlife, menopause, andropause, or a blood test is often necessary to monitor hormone levels. The blood values must not be abnormal to cause you a problem. Search the Internet to find a lab near you that you can use hormone levels. You can use blood and transmit the results directly to you via e-mail.

kinesiology (muscle testing) can also be used to verify hormonal imbalance. Hormonal balance can be achieved with safe, natural holistic therapies such as NAET technique.

5 - Lack of Sleep

sleep deprivation adversely affects the two hormones, ghrelin and Leptin, which leads to an increase in hunger and appetite. While it is true that everyone has different sleep cycles, it is generally accepted that seven to eight hours of sleep needed for good body function.

This article is part one of a four-series. I hope you will read the other three articles, the reasons and the insight to why you can gain weight. My hope is that you an answer that works for you.


For 20 years, Dr. Mike treated many celebrities, CEOs and medical doctors in Los Angeles.�He has toured the country treating colleagues, and has participated as a healthcare provider in four Olympic Games. Dr. Mike and his family moved to Atlanta where he joined forces with a group of dedicated doctors at Millennium Healthcare.� Millennium's vision is an all-inclusive healing facility, offering each patient the best of both conventional and holistic medicine. If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, he would be happy to see you at Millennium Healthcare. Contact Dr. Mike at http://www.millennium-healthcare.com or call (770) 390 - 0012.

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Doncaster Health - Mobilising the Power of Community

Doncaster and Corby have something in common. Both have a problem of obesity. It is a problem that both the government and local health care professionals are very concerned about. Why? There are two reasons. The first, recently in a piece of ITV News Special on Obesity, is cost. Obesity related diseases cost the Doncaster Primary Care Trust? 91 million per year. In a population of 67,000, who? 1400 per person. The second reason is that obesity is sapping the strength of the community. The people in these two communities with a life where they are unable to reach their potential, they are very likely that the health problems and their age, will not accept that they enjoy.

This is a startling to see that obesity costs the NHS? 4.2 billion in 2008 and by 2015 the costs have been? 6.3 billion. In 2050 the number of men who are obese will increase to 60% and 40% of women are obese. The cost does not match the head. Unless something is done, either the NHS is not in a position to meet the health care we currently enjoy or taxes will be through the roof.

Obesity is a condition which totally avoided. It is unacceptable that we should allow it to become a burden to society. It is not only the biggest challenge we have the health that it is always the biggest threat to the future prosperity of the nation.

The reason why obesity crisis shows no signs of improvement and is actually getting worse, is that there is a new dimension to the problem. Obesity is socially contagious. The main drivers of the rise in obesity is a social process.

is overweight or obese is now considered acceptable. It has become a new social norm. There is no stigma, threat or criticism. Recent studies have shown that if you are overweight or obese, you are very likely to mix with people who are overweight or obese. You have a 60% chance of overweight or obese if your friends are obese. If you are overweight or obese parents there is a 40% chance that your children are either overweight or obese.

The fact that obesity is socially contagious actually offers some exciting possibilities, the way we order the obesity crisis. The reason for this optimism? It is that, if obesity is socially contagious, it may be slim to be socially contagious.

Changing the behavior of people, their eating and lifestyle habits is the best way forward. Learning new habits, habits of lean, is the most effective way to change the behavior. If you have small change behaviors (habits), it is easier to change complex behaviors. The Slim Habit behavior modification program uses this method.

Through the involvement of community in a program of behavioral change a social solution to the problem of obesity is possible. Why? Because a group of people in a community with the same goals and aspirations can support each other incomparable. Organized in groups, and with education, advice and support - and a good behavior change program, the power of community can be mobilized, the drivers of change. Obesity has become a social problem, but it has a social solution.


A speaker and writer on diet and how to get slim, John McPhie is committed to helping people to change their behavior and lose weight permanently by learning new eating and lifestyle habits. Learn more about how to lose weight permanently - visit http://www.slimhabit.com For your FREE Slim Habit A-Z Calorie Counter Click here

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Bariatric Cures For Common Diseases Associated With Obesity

Bariatric surgery offers patients more than just a tool for successful weight loss. It is the cure for a variety of diseases, which often occur in morbidly obese persons. Not only the person begin to live healthier, reduce or decrease the risks of diseases that can hinder their lives. Some people do not even know they have some diseases, while others suffer daily from the consequences of obesity. This is one of the crucial factors when deciding if Bariatric surgery is the best option.

A disease that can be cured with a Bariatric surgery is obstructive sleep apnea, often in morbidly obese persons. The typical symptoms of the disease are loud snoring, long pauses of breathing. Many people who do not know how they sleep, until someone else tells them. This type of sleep disorder can cause serious illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, and sleepiness during the day, which cause accidents. After Bariatric surgery, patients often their obstructive sleep apnea and to reduce all other side effects are fully healed or greatly reduced.

Another disease that can be resolved after the operation is Bariatric Acid reflux, also known as GERD. Acid reflux occurs when the valve between the stomach and esophagus is not normal. Acid from the stomach can splash into the esophagus, which cause damage to the area, causing painful conditions. Barrett's esophagus is a condition that can lead to cancer if not treated. Fortunately, a high percentage of persons who have a Bariatric procedures can solve acid reflux.

women who are morbidly obese often face fertility problems. Menstrual calendar dysfunction is often the cause. Once Bariatric surgery and the patient began to lose weight, its normal cycle, and they had a higher probability of becoming pregnant. It is important to lose weight before he was a child, because babies born morbidly obese mothers have a greater chance of heart defects and neurological problems. Once the weight is lost, mothers are also lessen their risks for the development of pregnancy associated with diseases such as diabetes, and fewer opportunities, have a caesarean.

All the benefits go through Bariatric surgery, why so many people decide to do this weight-loss option. You want to lose the weight, while the change in their health for the better. Not only their appearance to change, so the crucial parts of the body that it alive. This allows them to live longer and healthier lives.


Focus 28

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Everyone's Doing it These Days, So is Being Fat Really That Big a Deal?

Since fat is a serious problem at the global level at the moment. In our society, obesity is almost the rule rather than the exception, and the chances are, if you need to lose weight that you are (or nearby) obese. This happens more and more of us.

If you have this serious then you can also find that your doctor is involved, because obesity can cause a range of serious diseases. People who are this overweight, for example, it may be vulnerable to the diseases of the heart, hypertension and diabetes. There are also a number of psychological effects can have, that they are very severe depression.

Considering the fact that the first thing a doctor can say, someone who is overweight is "up and lose weight", you'd probably imagine that perhaps the medical profession as a whole should do more to us help out. Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to do - at the end of the day, if you do not want to change your eating habits or actively find a way to lose weight, then your doctor can not actually make it happen for you.

Sometimes we just get addicted to the bad food that we eat. For example, if you eat a diet high in processed foods (which are high in fat, sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and all sorts of things we can not speak!), Then they immediately if you desire them on. Your body is hungry - because you will probably also eat smaller portion sizes - and it will give you a very clear message. She wants food ... but not just something to eat ... it wants the junk food you are used to eat!

Your doctor can all the time in the world to tell you to "stick with the program," but if your body complains to them to eat, then radical changes are not just work for many people. Their goal is to lose weight easily and permanently accessible, but this can be difficult without the right for additional help.

Today, we know that almost all at the end thicker these days, but you should follow the trend? Or is it time to buck the trend and find your own way ... and get that out of thin for the rest of your life? It is not intended as a simple choice or an easy thing to do ... but it is the best thing you can do ... for you, your children and for the rest of your family.

So, what can you do? Start by finding a diet that will help you reach your goal, but it keeps the body so he is not about what you do and do not eat? If your body has converted into energy and food muscle through exercise, then he will probably not be able to convert that food into fat ... or enter either the massive demand. ? Diets provide that they exist.


If you want some helpful suggestions then take a look at some of the solutions suggested at http://www.YouCanLoseWeightToday.com. The ideas presented there might just help get your body working to lose weight fast for you and lessen your cravings during the process!

H Woolston

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The Worst That Can Happen Due to Morbid Obesity is Going in For Reduced Life Expectancy

Obesity is defined as a medical condition where the body builds excess body fat to the extent to which causes serious health risks and lead to lower life expectancy than good. What is morbid obesity? It is equipped with a body weight more than 50-100% as required, or 100 pounds above the ideal body weight. The easiest way to diagnose a BMI value in relation to body size.

metabolic and eating disorders, calories, environmental, genetic and hereditary predict the most likely perpetrators of morbid obesity, although no one has ever determined a cause, so far. Hereditary factors indeed play an essential role in the development of morbidly obese, that obesity is often viewed, in the family but a family business has a similar modus vivendi and nutrition, the sum to the cause of morbid obesity. Diseases such as Cushing's syndrome, hypothyroidism, depression and other neurological problems can also lead to morbid obesity and the use of certain antidepressants and steroids.

Obesity can lead to problems in all, if it is for men, women, teenagers or children. It is physical activity more difficult and increases the risk of developing serious health risks or deteriorating health conditions. It can affect anyone of any age group making it difficult for the person who, in the physical activity that will ultimately be a health hazard. To name a few, that health conditions can be morbid obesity are heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, liver disease, arthritis, gout, diabetes, gallbladder disease, respiratory diseases, cancer and problems of reproduction and fertility. It is gender-and age-specific differences in the various health problems that we suffer, however, the basic problem of all morbid obese people suffer from is the means to achieve their ideal body weight.

Did you know that morbid obesity in the United States is the second largest cause of death to more than 9 million adults? Also, the figures can be understood, not only because it? brings physical challenges, it brings about psychological and emotional pain as well.

While healthy eating and regular exercise are the most common types of remedies for obesity, if you believe that things are getting out of hand, it is best to consult a doctor to consult to determine whether you are marching towards a morbid obese episode.


Patrick Sia highly recommends http://www.healthyweightlosssharing.com for further reading on Tips and Tricks to loss weight effectively.

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Obesity Management the Easy Way

The problem of obesity, many nations will cost much money to fight their associated diseases. Many young people are becoming obese by the day, while the other adults are overweight obesity completion by the day. Despite the awareness campaigns, jingles for TV and radio, and other health-related flyers everywhere in relation to obesity and related problems, many more people are still in the class. What do you think is the problem? How do you think will solve this problem and when can Obesity Society celebrated? These and countless other questions have been asked about obesity in many circles still no answers were found. In the faces of the many proofs of the health complications of overweight in the society, many people still do not fall into this category despite their desire to keep fit and smart. In reality, this disease is a hydra-headed monster deserves that a proactive measure to overcome.

Obesity can be very easy for people with a certain determination. Firstly, the awareness of the ease of overweight and obesity, resulting in the long term should be the first principle of the simple administration. If, however, efforts by everyone to keep fit, fitness course, since the determination is enshrined. When a man is fully aware that the next thing is to tread carefully. How can you tread carefully? It is only after the advantages and disadvantages do each day to a healthy life and appropriate weight.

The advantages and disadvantages of maintaining a normal weight, but not limited to, the following behaviors:

1. Only eat when it is necessary, ie when hungry. This means that you should not eat for pleasure, but also for strength.

2. With enough food and fiber. The fiber helps your colon and makes your body, to name just a little so that minimizes the tendency of overweight and obesity.

3. Exercise regularly. This means that a sedentary life should be reduced, and sufficient time, even if it is very easy exercises.

4. Avoid over consumption of proteins, especially as an adult at the age of forty.

5. Large intake of carbohydrates should also be controlled.

The list is so huge and can not be used in this discussion.

Despite the above precautions are to keep you away from overweight or obesity, the question then is how the people who already suffer from obesity? You only need a step by step instructions how to escape the shame, humiliation, insults and, with your condition. You realize that you do not have to be obese night so a lot of instructions in addition to the above will be the remedy for your problem. Since you are interested in losing weight, you should be ready to follow all the practical and physical principles, leading to a massive loss of weight. It should not surprise that there are many natural recipes behind your house, to help lower your weight and keep fit. You should just curious to solve the problem of obesity and you have a simple management tips on your hands.

Finally, it is remarkable that hunger is not the solution for obesity and overweight as research has shown that those who walk the road of Lent as a control measure, finally, their weights. This is because after the fasting has ended, people naturally have an appetite for food and guess what happens, a swift return to the status quo. Tackling overweight and obesity is simple but effective advice from the right quarters.


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Stay at Home Parents - Are You Gaining Weight?

I work from home, and I understand how easy it is to let overweight creep on you. Stay at home parents may have the same dilemma, because in the care of the family and care for all others to comply is not really much time to looking after herself. The longer you can push your health, the more weight you are trying to get rid of later.

I believe the main reason that most of us, the parents stay at home or work from home a difficult time losing weight because of the lack of accountability. If you can not be answered in order to keep fit, it is all too easy to eat right and exercise.

Joining a gym, some people, but usually it can be more of a hassle as you try to time to find that it actually exists. Whether you're at home or at a local gym, you still need the motivation and accountability to keep you going.

Thinning on your own is not impossible, but it can be a much bigger fight without a support system. According to people who go through the same questions that you may be the best cheerleader. After the other, you have to be compared may be the miracle in terms of motivation.

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Obese People Stay Obese - What's Wrong?

World Health Organization (WHO) has found that obesity is the biggest health problem is not recognized in the world currently. It is one of the hottest topics today as there are more and more people in the world suffer from weight problems. If any tender and aware of the gravity? For those who suffer, they are in the process of solving the problem?

There are many weight loss options to help overweight people to solve their problems such as changing the diet lifestyle through behavior and physical activity, drug therapy, surgery, etc. All of these weigh loss options are in a position to lead that the obese people to achieve great success. But in most circumstances, overweight people are obese. How could it be?

The reason is very simple. The people who suffer from obesity problem does not have strong determination in the execution of its weight loss plan.

For those who have a surgery or Lap Band Bariatric Surgery times, they thought that their obesity problem has been solved. You are not aware that a healthy eating habit should be continued in the long run after the surgery is done. They ignore the balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They are certainly not enough to say no to their favorite unhealthy foods. As a result, they receive more weight and the same problem again.

Besides practicing lifestyle consistently healthy diet, physical activity is equally important. Most overweight people are not willing to do physical activity because they believe that this exercise is very strenuous and it is difficult for them to accept. They refuse to start any form of exercises such as jogging, cycling, running, movement of the body, climbing stairs, etc. As a result, even though they are in drug therapy or begin to eat less, they are not in able to see the result without physical movement. Also they remain obese, and not to reduce their weight.

Lack of commitment and poor self-discipline are the reasons that obese people are obese. Warm and close supervision of the family to obese people are in fact needed because family members can always remind them that a better control over their weight. Regular inspection office is also important because the doctors would be the constructive comments and hints from time to time to remind the patient to their weight problems.


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3 Ways to Control Your Appetite When You Are Obese - Learn How You Can Do It

hunger for control is terrible. They just eat, and you're still hungry? Never satisfied is much more common than you think. Many of you feel desperate and need to understand why you feel the way you do. There are three ways you can connect your appetite and not be controlled by the full aw feelings you have.

  • 1st eat more often . Binge when you do not realize how much you have eaten until you are finished. This is a big mistake. Look at each bite before you put it in your mouth and ask yourself why you eat. Responsibility for what is in your body is a full-time job until you master the skills, in order for your body and not vice versa. Eat more often just means that you constantly have food available to eat at all times. Do not run away from the food, enjoy a healthy life part of your life. Always an apple, banana, baby carrots and around you. Put a cooler in your car and you have a at work. If you are hungry eat something else and it is a habit, it is always around you. This prevents you are no longer on the convenience store to feed, the terrible hunger that you have. Never be hungry again.

  • 2nd Read all label food in the mouth . Compare with other brands and learn to appreciate what you eat. You know, salt is not good for you, read the labels to see how much sodium is in foods naturally, and you will be amazed at what you see. Have you ever bought a pair of shoes without trying them on? When was the last time you bought a dress, without even thinking about what it was like to rely on you? When was the last time you asked for the menu and saw what's in the food you eat? Seems to me that what happens in your body is more important than what is on your body?

  • 3rd eliminate any food from the menu. If you want a certain food, Never Say Never. If you like a hamburger learn to feast on and enjoy every bite when you do. Be smart and eat it for the right reason, not eating, just because they are hungry. You must learn to enjoy the experience.

There are many ways you can learn the art of eating. If you are obese, you just have to learn how to do it. Food for thought.


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Being Obese - Why Obesity is a Serious Threat to Your Health

increasing weight of the body is actually more than the limitation of skeletal and physical requirement, and as a consequence of the excessive accumulation of fat in the body.

It is well known to everybody that obesity could cause risks to your health, and it would be more stressful than finding clothes that fit you perfectly. Obesity is indeed different from, especially from the insurance company and is used as a serious illness. Several people do not understand how critical it is for overweight individuals, a perfect insurance, that is because the health risks that an obese person faces could cost a lot of money for the company.

One of the most common reasons why the insurance companies would reject the application on more than weight of the person who will be a paramount threat to already existing state. If an insurance company decides, in an obese patient as a customer, then they often increase their premiums to about twice the money that they are from a normal person.

If you feel that this condition is superiorly unfair and prejudiced against persons charged with the weight problem, you might be right, but the prejudice against people with chronic or pre-existing conditions as a normal practice in the insurance market, In the end, the business of insurance is a trade, the proper care to their clients, and have to spend money on. Actually, 2004 decision by the federal government, where the insured are allowed to charge premium for the superior people infected and those actually obese people to lose weight and they are normal and healthy.

A fascinating fact is, even if the insurance companies to identify obesity as a chronic condition Superior risky, which is always in the direction of decreasing the severity treatments (including weight loss treatments) were excluded. However, this policy is to always chronic disease caused by the customer in advance of insurance.

The following are some of the conditions, health care, the insurance companies that their customers may be obese:

-increase in blood pressure

-type two diabetes

-heart disease and osteoarthritis



some kind of

-cancer gallbladder disease


-liver diseases

All these above mentioned diseases are considered a serious threat to individual health and medical treatments that must always be put back on the astral total. If an individual is categorized as obese, and is present in any of the above health conditions later in the beginning of the insurance, and at this time, the cost of treatment has to take place, but not the obesity itself.

nutshell, the problem of obesity must be a lifetime condition, and not just purely aesthetic question. Can be used in the next, the insurance company would make a decision, the treatment of obesity in health insurance, but until then try to stay healthy and fit, because this will benefit you and your wallet.

for your health!


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Natural Cure For Obesity

overweight, the normal condition in the modern world, spreading the legs quickly and widely as an epidemic. The condition is characterized by an increase in the fat tissue, which we bulky. Most of us are not really about that in the early days and the worse things are going slowly and slowly making it difficult for us to live a healthy life. If we do not consider it seriously at an early stage, it increases the risk of developing some unhealthy conditions such as hypertension, stroke, gallbladder disease, diabetes and many others. To gain an insight about them thoroughly through the following lines-

causes of obesity

* About food /high fat and high calorie diet

* Lack of physical activity /movement

* Genetic factors

* Pregnancy

* Bad eating habits

* Slow Metabolism

* Repeated attempts, weight loss and diet

* Lack of sleep or insomnia

* psychological or emotional factors

* excessive stress

* Drug de-addiction

* Certain types of medication

* recovery after prolonged illness


hormonal imbalance, the cure of obesity

* Eat only when you really hungry

* Do About Food beginning of a well planned diet

* Implementation of fasting once a week regularly

* Avoid high calorie and high carbohydrate food and beverage industry

* Exercise regularly by walking, running, playing indoor out door sports, doing housework, etc. It helps to burn extra calories from the body for normal function and helps body toning muscles and makes you stronger.

* Avoid sweets, salty or oily food especially at night.

* The most effective solution to home, 10-15 grams of honey with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning.

* The use of honey with lime water helps in the cure of obesity, without loss of energy and appetite. The mixture with warm water should be planned in advance.

* Add ginger and lemon slices to a glass of hot water, to control for some time the water stain. Drinking, if it is hot.

* Use either raw cabbage or cooked. Cabbage is easy to digest and a lasting feeling of fullness.

* Use horse gram included obesity. Soak 30-50 grams of horse gram, then filtered it the next morning and have it on an empty stomach.

* Use lemon juice so much you can do to increase the dose until you have achieved, lemons 12-15 per day. After the dose of one lemon a day and to reach a target of 3-5 lemons a day and regularly. Lemon helps the dissolution of fat very effectively.

* Use 10-15 fully grown curry leaves every morning for 3-4 months. It is very effective in obesity.

* Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet as much as you can.

* Take carrot juice bottle or watch in the morning on an empty stomach.

* Use dry fruits in your diet.

* 1-2 tomatoes in food in the morning for 3-4 months. It is very effective in treating obesity.

* A mix of green mint with some spices with meals can get rid of obesity.

* Finger millet is an ideal food for obese people, because their digestion is slow and due to the carbohydrates that take longer to be absorbed.

* Remove the leaves of palm trees and Indian jujuby enjoy them overnight in water and drink that water on an empty stomach in the morning. It cures obesity.

* Use dandelion root tea and it 3-4 times in a day to combat obesity.

* Instead of the full lunch and dinner, eat in small amounts 4-5 times per day.

* Drink as much water as possible before dinner and bed time and avoid alcoholic beverages.


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Overweight Effects Include Gum Problems

need another reason to lose extra pounds, you can? Here is a - Obese men, besides the weight, also a higher risk for painful and potentially dangerous gum problems than normal weight adults according to new research.

You've probably heard of the milder, more reversible form of gum disease - gingivitis, where only the gums are affected. Untreated, this can progress in periodontitis, when bacteria in plaque irritate gums and provoke an inflammatory reaction, which is very destructive.

As quietly progressing condition, periodontal disease are often no symptoms until it has become a fixed position in the mouth.

In this last work, the researchers based on data for nearly 37,000 men who were part of the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study (HPFS) began in 1986.

The program is designed to complement all-female Nurses' Health Study, and deals with the relationship between nutritional factors and the incidence of serious diseases such as cancer, heart and circulatory problems.

Much effort has been in determining the risk of gum disease and cardiovascular risk.

To see whether there is possibly a link between periodontal disease and obesity, the team analyzed data on 16 years for the subjects, all of them were free from gum disease at the beginning of the study.

Data on size, weight, waist /hip measurements were collected, as well as self-reported gum disease. With the standard definition of overweight, a BMI of 30 higher, Moniker Jimenez, a doctoral candidate at the Harvard School of Public Health, found that obesity increased the risk for periodontitis.

Jimenez will present the results at the 2009 International Association for Dental Research Meeting in Miami Beach.

are not only higher BMI, but waist circumference was also associated with this study at a higher risk of gum disease. A waist measurement of 40 cm or more, as a risk for heart disease, increased risk of gum disease by 19% compared with the measurements within the 40-inch mark.

"overweight was associated with a 29 percent increased risk of periodontal disease in the course of the study." Jimenez said.

It was a small increase in the risk of periodontitis for those who are overweight but not obese. This little in comparison to the risks to which a lot of extra weight.

In a work, Jimenez and colleagues at the University of Puerto Rico found that a higher waist-hip ratio (WHR) was tied to an increased risk of moderately severe gum disease in men and women over 70 years old.

In women, high waist-to-hip ratio, 88 or higher for men is 95 or higher. Here is how the calculation is made, a woman with a 36-inch waist and 40-inch hips has a WHR of .90 (36/40 = .90). Patients with increased waist-to-hip ratios were almost 6 times more, that periodontal disease.

This work builds on earlier studies that the gum disease associated with heart disease, and gum disease and cancer risk in men. Gum disease for diabetics is also not so good.

worried for his own gum?

your own health?

A good way to keep your mouth is healthy, a heart that healthy diet is also good for your gums, brush and clean your teeth several times a day, and not from regular dental examinations.

Caught early, periodontal disease can be treated - so that you do not have to lose a tooth.

They might also want to use the online risk-assessment tools available to find out where you stand today. If you have symptoms of gum problems such as persistent swollen, red or bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity or bad breath, a visit to your dentist, to the mouth, and your whole body healthy.


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