Obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserve, stored in the fatty tissue of humans and other mammals, exceeds healthy limits. It is commonly defined as a body mass index (weight divided by height squared) of 30 kg/m2 or higher.

Although obesity is an individual clinical condition, some authorities view it as a serious and growing public health problem. Some studies show that excessive body weight has been shown to predispose to various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis.

Teenagers and Obesity

We are in the midst of a serious problem with young people and obesity in America and worldwide. Over the past 20 years plus teenage obesity is escalating and it is time that we as parents and society to do something to help them. The impact of obesity in teens may mean that more than treatment with a lifetime of health problems, because it is also a psychological problem, which was approved by the obesity issue. Depression, isolation and lack of socialization all pay a toll on the obesity problem. Teenagers who want to help obese and need help.

The fourteen years, allegedly on socialization, independence and personal development. Unfortunately, young people with obesity and they are deprived of some of these because their obesity is in the way. Whether it is because of health reasons or isolated they are unable to typical teenager. It has been well documented that obesity has a tendency to be hereditary. Some young people naturally tend to gain weight more easily than others, mostly because of their slower metabolism. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize what the real reason for obesity, so that the help they need.

The first order of business would be to make it to the doctor to seek Glandular and physical problems that exist. Typically the doctor asks the parents about their own lifestyles and eating habits. Teenagers and obesity is a family affair and this may require a look in the mirror and reassess the whole family. The only way to make your teen is with the family participation. In other words, it is not fair to your overweight teenagers, if you eat chips and soda to drink, if these foods is prohibited. Things to look for when you revalued the family life styles.

  1. Is the family get exercise on a regular (daily) basis?

  2. How often do you fast-food restaurants?

  3. Are there other issues weight in the family?

  4. Are there other family stresses?

  5. Did you eat meals as a family and where you eat your meals?

  6. How much TV do you see every day?

Once you have evaluated the whole family, as painful as they may have been, it is time to go into action. The action plan for youth and obesity should begin with an attempt to find fun ways for them to get more movement. We can not stress enough - Exercise must be a daily activity. Go for a walk, take them into the park for a game of catch or Frisbee, what works and fun. You can even entice them with a reward of weekly bowling, when they come to your rules. The next step is to assess and change their eating habits. Enter healthier choice when you shop and keep plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator. Because adolescents are away from home often, it is difficult to control what they eat away from home. This is where the honor system comes in to play. Fondly remember that they are dissatisfied with overweight and they are often praised for their achievements. There is a solution for youth and obesity and these are the most important steps to help achieve its goal. If the discussion of foods and their obese condition comes in to play careful about what you say and how you say it. Many times harping on the food issue will have a reverse effect, since this is a sensitive issue with them.

Keep an open dialogue with your teen about the plan and are open to suggestions. The more input they provide, the better. May, an idea that is more fun and so long as it produces results, the better it is for them. Thinning should not be laborious. If your teen is having fun, lose weight, and learning to changes in the way of life is it in adulthood.


James Rouse is a personal weight loss coach and author of the popular http://www.helpcurechildobesity.com - a website created out of his passion. Possibly you have a passion or hobby you'd like to write about. Discover how to turn it into a profitable Web site like James has. Visit: http://www.helpcurechildobesity.com/ezine1 to learn more.

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Is it Healthy to Be Overweight Or Obese?

It is no secret that the United States is one of the fattest nations in the world. About 66% of Americans over 20 years old are overweight or obese. Most people look on the surface of fat, which means think it OK to see the way you want to see. Why should it matter?, Questions them. Because, because they are overweight or obese means so much more than how a person looks.

Twenty years ago, when I saw a person in front of a handicap parking signs, it was because this person needs enough space to a wheelchair from the vehicle. There were no more than one of these spaces at the end of each row of cars, and why they needed to as close to the door is clear.

Today I have had to forfeit the luxury of parking anywhere near the front door of a shop, because there are at least 4 handicap spaces reserved. But I do not see any more people in wheelchairs, when I used to. What I see are people who are overweight or obese, and perfectly capable of driving their cars let alone walk through a store to store.

Do I have even, as much in health insurance increases each year because of obesity? Here is a good example. My friend who is 36 years old never goes to the doctor for everything, but his bill to ensure its own health goes up and up and up. He runs at least 4 miles per day, exercise and eat healthy. What is his salary? A good health, absolutely! But now he has to pay extra for this right, because other people do not eat properly or seek to good health.

What all this means that overweight or obesity affects everyone, not just the person who is overweight or obese. This is the first aspect of what it really means to be fat. The number of overweight American adults doubled in the last 20 years and is on the rise. Instead of trying to solve the problem, doctors simply issue more handicap sticker. I suppose if nothing is done in the next 20 years, my friend will have to do his jogging at the shop, because healthy people do not have a place to park at all.

is even more important than how they affect other people, is the second aspect of what as overweight or obese is. She claims the lives of victims of snack and meal by meal snacks. In the course of several months, a person is the ideal weight can get completely lost in a flabby shell of fast-food grease, a person without ever being aware of it, as it happens.

weight associated with medical problems may rise for those who are overweight and obese. Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast and colon cancer, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and respiratory diseases are just a few. Those who are obese are 50% to 100% increased risk of premature death from all causes. I do not think anyone was on this earth to suffer in such ways, and it all comes from your own decisions!

Speaking of suffering, the second reason is obesity claims lives because a person will be someone else, because it is. Always hear the saying "It is not the goal But The Journey"? Take a close look at how the quality of a person's life is deteriorating with every pound gained outside their health. Loss of self-esteem, depression, addiction to prescription drugs and the inability to live life to its fullest are all consequences of overweight or obese.

Is it really your destiny is so great that you can not want to enjoy a cinema because you no longer fit into a seat or two flights pay because you take two seats? Is it your all-time dream somewhere to park your car as close as possible to the stores where you shop? Unless your goal in life is to experience all these things first hand, it is important to change your habits, if you need to lose weight.

Note how I did not just say your eating habits? This is because it takes more than the election of a carrot instead of a cookie is to live a healthy life. This is a great place to start, no question. But a person must change a few things to really good. Their short-term goal should be to lose weight, and your long-term goal should be wellness experience.

What is wellness? Wellness is living a healthy lifestyle, exercise, proper diet and active in the things that give you a feeling of wellbeing. Human, all these aspects do not worry about it, an extra piece of dessert during the holiday or forfeit a Hot Dog at a baseball game. How? Because of the small decisions they lead to a healthy way of life on a daily basis. They are not with the dangers of being overweight or obese.

I have 70 pounds in four months and have him for over 15 years. I struggled for years and years to lose weight before, but nothing changed until I looked at the big picture and began to change. I replaced fatty breakfast with a large soy-based protein shake. I now drink green tea or ice water instead of soda pop. I make healthier choices for my meals. I spend 45 minutes each day riding my bike outside my neighborhood. That's it!

As I said, it does not take much to make a trend. The most important thing you need to live a healthy lifestyle, however, is the mindset of someone who does not want to be overweight or obese more. Once you have that, can you reach new goals and give them simultaneously striving to the person with whom you know, you had to be.


Bill Winch is a Personal Wellness Coach whose mission is teaching and coaching others who are struggling with getting healthy, losing weight safely and keeping it off for good. He is also a Certified Business Growth Specialist, former High School and College Business Educator and Counselor, and mentors from his home office in Rochester, NY. If you are interested in receiving his Free Report "9 Weight Loss Myths Exposed" visit his website by clicking on Free Report or by calling him directly at (585) 271-3767 for a free wellness consultation.

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Weight Loss Surgery - Some Alternatives to Weight Loss Surgery

If you are currently more than 80 pounds overweight, it probably feels like you at the bottom of your cable when it comes to losing weight. At this point you may feel that your only solution is to check with your weight loss surgery. But I would urge you to consider some alternatives to weight loss surgery, before such a dramatic life-changing step.

weight loss surgery dramatically changed the shape of the stomach and intestinal content and significantly impaired their ability to function, but it is definitely not a panacea for weight loss. There is still a ton of work on your part to lose weight after the operation. You still need to change your behavior about how to deal with food. The consequences of not doing so are severe gastric distress, and for some the weight May finally all come back.

Instead of subjecting your body to what is essentially a way of punishing himself for "bad behavior", I think you should treat yourself kindly. To think about the exploration of some of these alternatives before you plan to make an appointment to see a surgeon.

1st Join a support group

It can be very difficult to lose weight without support, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. Sometimes you need advice, and sometimes you just need a group of your colleagues that you made.

There is a multitude of ways you can use the help you need - everything from 12-step groups such as Overeaters Anonymous to HMO sponsored weight loss support groups.

2nd Get professional help

Whether you need some psychiatric counseling or just need to speak with a nutritionist about the unique design of a weight loss plan for you, often a professional hand is exactly what you need. I am sure you like your own doctor for a referral.

3rd Try using a Bariatric Surgery Diet

After weight loss surgery, and often before the surgery, the doctor goes to you on a very restricted diet. Often it is some form of liquid food that is used during the initial recovery period, because your stomach is not in a position to solid food. This is how you actually lose weight after the operation - from dieting! So why not try the post Bariatric Surgery Diet, without the surgery?

If you've been discussing surgical options with your doctor, talk to him or her about the weight loss diet that's used with Bariatric patients. You may find that you can diet to lose weight, ultimately the operation unnecessary.


One program in particular you should consider discussing with your doctor is the Medifast diet. Medifast is frequently used by post-bariatric surgery patients. It's successful because it works fast. You can read my complete Medifast Plan review to learn more about how Medifast works.

Jenni Kerala reviews many popular diet plans and offers dieting and weight loss tips at her website: http://dietinspector.com/

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Am I Obese?

If you asked the question "I'm obese?" then you are probably in the light of the fact that you have gained weight, or you think you are heavier than you should. That is good. It is good that you consider the possibility that you may be overweight. When you are ready to consider the possibility, then you are more apt to take steps to lose excess weight, you may have. So how can you determine whether you are overweight?

One way is to contact your doctor. Your doctor may tell you if you are overweight simply by comparing your height, weight and age of the national average for people who are in the same height and age, as you are. If you prefer the picture itself, then you can with a Body Mass Index Calculator.

your body mass index (BMI) shows you what your body mass in relation to your height and weight. In general, if your BMI is over 25 then you are at higher risk to become obese. Here you can find a BMI calculator simply by searching online. There are many free ones available for use online. Just plug in a few numbers and the BMI calculator gives you the answer to your question.

So, if you are approaching obesity, what can you do? Here are some suggestions:

1. Make a commitment to yourself, a friend, a loved one or for all that you are going to lose weight. These are your responsibility for your actions.

2. Set small goals for daily, weekly and monthly. If you have small goals, it is much easier to achieve than if you leave on your big goals, seems unrealistic. For example, your monthly goal could be to lose 5 pounds, where an annual target May to lose 100 pounds. It is easier for most people to lose 5 pounds than 100

3. Start by losing 5% of your body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds calculate 150 X 5%. This or 7,5 pounds. When you reach this goal calculate 5% of your new body and set your sights to lose that amount and so on, until you reach your desired weight.

4. Increase your activity levels. Take a daily walk, climb stairs, March into force, the house clean, cut the grass, etc. You do not just sit there. Get moving! This will help to burn extra calories and help you lose weight faster!

5. Make a plan. They are more interested in your weight loss goals, if you have a set plan to follow suit.


Am I obese? Here is a resource that can help you decide and help you lose weight. You will also receive my free ebook "The Secret To Losing Weight" by clicking here now

Peter Harris is a Physical Therapist that promotes health and wellness by writing frequently about diet, exercise and nutrition.

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Reducing Body Fat? It is Easy If You Know How

If you are in the process of reducing body fat and do not try to pull your hair at the same time? If you are, I just know what you are in. I found myself in a similar spot just a few months. I remember how frustrating it is to try a half baked solution after another.

I searched for a solution where you are most likely looking for now. It made sense to me that I could find the path to body fat online. Surely with so much free information available, I could easily find the solution for my problem. In fact, I searched diligently over the Internet and came with what I thought would be the ideal solution for my problem fat loss.

It took me only a little while for me to see why all this information freely available online. It was worth what I paid for it. So much that the answer to my problem. Not one to throw in the towel, I explored the various discussion forums and chat rooms. If you are looking for quality advice in these forums, you are probably a grave disappointment. I was so confused with all the half baked and contradictory advice.

Only after all that searching and frustration that I found a program that actually makes sense. I think if I have not waded through all these other systems and half-truths, I

would not have recognized the real answer to decreasing body fat when I found it.

I found a comprehensive course that really gave me the knowledge and approach to reduce body fat on a permanent basis. I found a program that actually worked. It is really easy if you know how! The trick is to arm yourself with the tactics that results from someone who has helped many others achieve their goals of fat loss.


If you are trying to figure all this out on your own, I wish you the best of luck. I just wish that I would have discovered this method of reducing body fat earlier.

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Losing Weight As a Diabetic

Diabetic weight control than is never easy, and I know this from experience, as I've always had problems to lose weight. The diagnosis of adult diabetes (type 2 diabetes *) slightly more than 7 years, I'm not sure what bothers me most, because I said was a diabetic or being told I was clinically obese! I do not feel obese, and I was not in the vicinity, where as big as a lot of people I knew, why me? but there was no argument with him, I was a diabetic and obese, a double WHAMMY!

That was quite sad and hard to deal with. I went to the usual run of herbal treatments, Chinese medicines (May potions some call it), diabetic diet, diabetes, weight loss, nutrition for diabetics, this diet, nutrition and that any other diet, I'm sure you know what I believe and I'm sure some of you in my footsteps! I was successful? generally no, but I was also from his own pocket! I have a few pounds here and there, but struggled to make it from nothing when I was doing was designed so that it, they were "quick fix" diet designed for quick, but not long-lasting results. This was added to my diabetic complications, irregular sugar levels, loss of energy, numbness, blurred vision and even more depressing, I found myself put the weight back on and that was not what I was looking for.

So I asked myself the question, "how to lose weight, like a diabetic" and began to seriously for a solution. Then, about 14 months, I "stumbled" on a diet program that really started, the results show, I was looking for. Finally I had found something that gave me a structured program and the incentive to maintain the momentum, because it's easy! and I was finally see results! I had all the tools at my fingertips to understand what foods contribute to weight gain and those who BEGIN weight loss. I found this extremely beneficial because as a diabetic I also have the added complication of the leadership of my blood sugar down, which is just fantastic with this program. To be able to choose foods that I now knew that contributed to my weight loss and then judge them for their GI and sugar content has been nothing less than a revelation and worth every penny I have in investing in this program, I hurry to add is a Steal and a one-time payment!

It is a sad and well-known fact that obesity contributes greatly to the control of diabetes and the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Would not it be nice to support the weight off before the onset of diabetes! It might be too late for you, but not for your family and friends. A recent press article in the United Kingdom found that 1 of 7 weight diabetics die of related complications in the next 12 months (UK statistics). I hope I'm not one of them and that is why I am maintaining my weight loss program, which currently stands at 84lbs in the last 12 months. I'm still a little overweight, but I'm now no longer considered obese. I will not be complacent but, as I want to see my children and their families grow. I want to be a big part of my life to the children enjoy their growing and to help them all flourish. That is why I support and with this program and I hope you will see the benefits. If you want to discuss everything related to weight loss or diabetes, please do not hesitate to contact me, but please, act now and start the journey to a healthier life, a better figure and what is most important , Control your diabetes, or the potential prevention of diabetic!

now I feel fantastic, I enjoy high energy levels, and I have total control of my blood sugar levels, far removed from a mere 12 months ago. You too can benefit from this fantastic transformation by taking action TODAY!

To your good health!


Steve also as a blood glucose and diabetic blood sugar diabetics.


Take control of your heath, your diabetes and your life NOW. Its worked for me, my friends and many of their friends. You CAN lose weight NOW and take control of your diabetes. To find out how, go to http://www.stfhealth.ws NOW!

To your good health - steve@stevecross.ws

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Revealed - 4 Guaranteed Tips to Fight the Obesity Epidemic

Despite the many options we have to lose weight, that never before, America is currently in the middle of an obesity epidemic. More than 50% of people are overweight and in the wrong direction. Even when searching even the conservative figures should be cause for concern, not only for our health as a society, but also the growing costs of health care that we can all look forward to.

A look at the majority of people walk by a certain shopping center informs us that things are not as they should be. We need to reverse this trend, because even if people live longer, their lives are of inferior quality. As a handicap sticker from your doctor, because you are fat is not a goal you should strive for in life.

Fight obesity epidemic Tip # 1: Limit or eliminate

Fast Food Fast Food is a major reason people so fat in such a short period. All you have to do is look at a certain street corner to find the worst foods in your body. What formerly a McDonald's is a neighborhood book 5 fast-food restaurants all competing for your hard-earned money. You say that you do not feel like eating a big Mac today? How about a fat taco or a piece of fried chicken? The options are as endless as your ever-growing waistline.

The only way around this is to start taking the time to prepare meals at home again. If you can not trust a fast-food restaurant, the right diet, do it yourself. You say you do not have the extra time to cook? One solution is to drink a soy-based protein meal replacement shake. It only takes about 3 minutes to the ingredients into a blender, and another 3 to drink it. If you do not have 6 minutes to make your body proper nutrition, you return to your alarm clock, and your priorities.

Fight obesity epidemic Tip # 2: Simple Practice Exercise Daily

Even with the addition of Big Macs and Super Size fries, caloric consumption is not as far as exercise levels come down. Our society is consumed about 3 percent more calories than we would in the 1970s, but still about 20 percent less exercise. The sad part is that these statistics are children too, and obese children are 70 percent more likely to become obese adults.

It does not need an expensive gym membership and several hours of exercise a day. A simple half accrual of Miles walk the road back and burns more calories than sit on the couch with your remote control. And speaking of remotes, get up and change the channel as you did as a child. Back to the active lifestyle that you had before technology convinced it is okay to be lazy. Even if you can lose weight without exercise, it will not do anything, but your weight loss efforts and the quality of life.

Fight obesity epidemic Tip # 3: Do not be a victim of media hype

Obesity is the fastest growing among Americans, with more than 60,000 dollars a year. That is odd, considering that it usually costs more for the health food as prepackaged food nutritionally void. Our society, unfortunately, falls for every trick the biased media plays on us, and it goes beyond food. We fall for each pill, equipment or food, promises us the magic of watching our fat disappear without a job or will power. When will we ever learn that cheaters never prosper?

The amount of money we spend on technology is also playing a role in this economic twist. Children with access to television, computers, video games and more excuses to move and not outside. Privilege eliminated the benefits of walking or cycling to and from school every day for reasons of playing a Game Boy in an SUV. Save money that gas and invest them in a bicycle or a good pair of running shoes. Parents, that goes for you as well.

Fight obesity epidemic Tip # 4: Developing the right mindset

living a healthy lifestyle is not about spending for the whole day in the gym with the goal, with a ripped body. It is not about eating Bland salads and bean sprouts at every meal, either. People who need to lose weight stuck in front of an imaginary wall built it into their heads that does not even exist. There is too much work. Nothing will taste good. It takes a very long time. It costs too much. To combat obesity, you need to develop a mindset sees that all these things as lame excuses.

start to think about why are not obese is an ideal way to live. Appearance aside, it increases the risk for a number of diseases you do not want to promote. Start with the assumption that the consequence of eating a donut-fatty acids is more painful than the two minutes of the flavor you get from experience. Those who remain healthy to do because of the way they think, simply because that leads to action in the right direction.

If you are overweight or obese, or you want to help someone lose weight to be healthy, the first step is to develop a plan to overcome the above-mentioned regulations. I have 70 pounds in four months and have him for over 15 years. Was it easy? Not at first, but the more I practiced the art of living a healthy lifestyle, the easier it was. For things to change, you have to change.


Bill Winch is a Personal Wellness Coach whose mission is teaching and coaching others who are struggling with getting healthy, losing weight safely and keeping it off for good. He is also a Certified Business Growth Specialist, former High School and College Business Educator and Counselor, and mentors from his home office in Rochester, NY. If you are interested in receiving his Free Report "9 Weight Loss Myths Exposed" visit his website by clicking on FREE REPORT or by calling him directly at (585) 271-3767 for a free wellness consultation.

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Benefits of Starting a Family Fitness Plan

Family Fitness Exercise is fun. Often overweight or obese children do not see fitness as something "fun" to do so. Instead, they look at more passive activities such as playing video games, television, reading or simply talking with friends. By creating a family fitness plan showing your children a good example that fitness is fun. Even if you have not had a fitness plan, your children quickly get on your good example. Families who exercise together fit together. If you are overweight, you lose weight as well.

There are many activities you can do as a family fitness. Try starting with something simple, such as hiking or cycling. Walking is an ideal activity as you do not have the purchase of equipment and everyone can begin, regardless of their level. The key to walking is to create a route prior to the time and know where you go on foot. Try it a goal to walk, to a certain destination and then back again. Or "Get in shape to walk a charity walk together.

Family Fitness is a social activity for many families. This is a good way, spending time with your children. How about the fitness activity, you will be the time together. You can be happy with each other. So it is not only the sport, it does the sport together. It is of crucial importance to sports and fitness activities that your family enjoys together.

There are fitness activities, You can do to enjoy each season. Families can ski and skate and sled in winter. You can walk and go apple-picking in the autumn. They may roller blade and play baseball in the spring. Your family can swim and surf in the summer.

Family Fitness is something that your family can do, either indoors or outdoors, depending on the activity. There are some activities you can do, both indoors or outdoors, such as playing basketball or even swimming or skating. Then there are other activities you must be either indoors or outdoors, such as surfing is very much an outdoor sport. This is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the nature and the seasons.

How is your family Form, there are more sports to explore. Your family can start with walking and then advance to hiking or mountain climbing. Or you could even look at rock climbing, what can be done indoors and is very challenging, but great exercise, you can relax in many sports, no matter your fitness level, but some sports are better suited for intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Best of all, how your family is involved in fitness, you can see your kids change. You see they are healthier and weight lose. If they have asthma, you will see them reduce or even completely disappear. You'll find it much easier to go to sleep. They have reduced stress and greater concentration. Family fitness can improve all levels of their lives!


Nathaly Dedeyan is Co-owner of http://www.YourChristianSpace.com a social networking website specifically for Christian families. A safe, warm and nurturing place to connect with others. YourChristianSpace.com is an online community where families can have fun, meet new people, hear great music and play fun games. http://www.yourchristianspace.com

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Estrogen Link to Obesity

obesity continues to rise in the United States and the world. Both Leptin from fat cells and insulin from the pancreatic B-cells are in direct proportion to body fat. Obese people have higher of the two hormones than lean people. Recent studies show that another hormone estrogen, also has a similar impact.

For the estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus of rats were destroyed, the female rats ate more food, less energy burned and was obese. Research suggests a link between estrogen and obesity, especially the dangerous accumulation of abdominal fat associated with cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus and certain cancers. The summary was by Deborah J. Clegg, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Obesity Research Center at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, the 234th national meeting of the American Chemical Society on 20 August, 2007. Their findings will help scientists to develop new therapies hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Clegg estrogen wanted to determine the effect of reduced estrogen levels in the brain. It examines the estrogen receptor alpha (ERA) in the hypothalamus, where the brain regulates body temperature, hunger and thirst. They learned that the ventromedial nucleus (VMN) and the arcuate nucleus response to hormones and other signals to control energy intake and expenditure. A gene-silencing technique called RNA interference allowed Dr. Clegg of the closure of the alpha receptors in the VMN of female rats. The estrogen receptors in other regions of the brain were not affected. As estrogen levels fall, so has the metabolic rate and energy levels. The rats quickly became glucose intolerant. During their calorie intake does not change, they gained considerable weight of the abdomen.

Dr. Clegg of the view that the deactivation ERA in the region arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus May, the same effect. There are two groups of neurons in this region. A reduced food intake and the other stimulates it. Estrogen loss in this region May increase both appetite and weight.

In humans, the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area men and women increases their risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and insulin resistance. Young women are against these risks while their weight in their hips and saddlebags. With the onset of menopause, however, is stored body fat in the abdomen and increases the risk of medical complications. By identifying the critical brain regions and estrogen receptors associated with weight gain and energy expenditure, scientists will one day be able to design hormone replacement therapies that will help women avoid many of the risks associated with the onset of menopause.


Wayne Mcgregor has trained as a dietitian in the UK. He also has a diploma in fitness training, and a wealth of experience in teaching different people to burn fat and build muscle. His website provides hundreds of free weight loss articles, sample diets, tools and charts of the nutritional content of common foods.


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Dangers of Child Obesity

The child obesity epidemic and the dangers of childhood obesity are at the forefront of many health professionals discussion groups. The reason is the long-term psychological and physical effects that children endure. It is hard enough that they have to do with the extra weight, but not in a position to as many activities as other children emotionally affected. What we do not see is their seeds deep pain.

Our first action in dealing with childhood obesity is a physical one. We want to help them look better. It is assumed that if they look better, they will naturally feel better. This is true in many cases. As they start to feel emotionally by their colleagues improved their self-esteem. The problem is, once they begin to communicate better, and they will if they are right diet and exercise, it is perhaps too late. Has the physical dangers of obesity in children was too much for her body to handle?

dealing with an adult disease

type 2 diabetes has been an adult disease, which in most cases was not diagnosed until later in life. It has become one of the greatest dangers of childhood obesity in recent years. Type 2 diabetes is a non-insulin-dependent disease that is difficult to treat. In some cases it may lead to insulin-dependent.

cardiovascular diseases

overweight and obese children are at greater risk of infection with cardiovascular disease in later life. The older the children are, the greater the risk. In other words: an obese teen is more likely that a cardiovascular disease in adulthood obese as a pre-teen.


Sleep apnea is a disorder in which breathing is interrupted by blocked airway passages resulting in poor sleep quality. Obese children with sleep apnea will experience daytime fatigue, problems at school, and have a tendency to be hyperactive.


The development of bone mass during the growing year is essential. Children with a higher percentage of body fat may be at risk of developing osteoporosis as adults. The reason is, children who have more body fat have less bone mass. Interestingly, however, is that adults who are heavy and have already built stronger bones that the excess weight are at a lower risk of developing osteoporosis. The opposite is the case for children. Their bone development is endangered.

Other dangers of childhood obesity should be noted, are cancer, asthma and hypertension. In severe cases: gallbladder disease, liver disease and high cholesterol.

evaluating all the dangers of childhood obesity is a difficult process. There are variables that must be taken into account how environmental and genetic issues, which is why it needs to be done on an individual basis. One of the biggest dangers of obesity in children is the psychological effects that have taken place. With proper nutrition, exercise and a diet plan, we can treat obesity of children. We all hope that once the weight problem is under control and their self-esteem has been restored, that they live long, happy and healthy lives.


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Obesity in America Defined - Facts, Risks, & Causes

The definition of obesity is the condition of an amount of fat in the body. Someone as morbidly obese is typically about 100 lbs their normal weight. Did you know that in the United States 2 /3 of the population are overweight? Nearly one third is considered obese. The sad fact is, obesity claims 325,000 lives per year. These statistics are alarming.

Obese people have a higher probability of premature death than someone at a healthy weight. Here are some health problems often associated with obesity May put that life in danger.

  • cancer

  • Coronary Vascular Diseases /Heart Disease

  • diabetes type-2

  • apneas

  • osteoarthritis

  • thyroid problems

  • High blood pressure

  • Acid reflex

  • stress urinary incontinence

  • depression with possible suicidal thoughts

In addition to these serious health conditions, it is a fact that obesity may have a negative impact in many areas of a person's life. If you are obese you may already have experienced the following;

  • discrimination in the workplace

  • was denied a job

  • perhaps cut from a sports team or

  • have failed personal relationships

  • personal questions such as, heavy breathing, lack of energy,

    irregular digestion, or excessive sweating

  • lack of confidence

  • low self-esteem

  • social seclusion

Why are we obesity to steal our lives? We have a nation living in the fast lane ready to compromise healthy eating habits and good nutrition habits for convenience. Almost readily available food sources have won hands down. Unfortunately, we can not recognize what we are passing to our children. We can not continue this dangerous cycle.

When my daughter was a toddler my friend and I would say to our frequent trips to the mall, "have french-fry travels." Yes, we were guilty of food rewards to our children happy during our whole day shopping trips. I've heard, he said only this past week, "Food, through a car window is not food." We are now paying for our bad habits with our health, our family health, and the heath of our entire nation.

If we decide that a better life decisions, it will not be affective without exercise. America's fascination and interest in computers, video games, and incredible TV programming are all factors to our weight problems. We must move away from the couch and from the computer and move. Parents need to better examples for their children by reclaiming their health and the adoption of a regular weekly routine exercise. If we do not seek a solution quickly to the problem that our country is facing obesity in our nation is weakened and the cycle continues.


C. Davis
Weight Loss Expert

This is a serious public health issue and it is time to face the problem. We cannot allow obesity to have power over our lives. Here is a real solution to obesity!

Stop procrastinating and choose life, if not for yourself do it for your loved ones.

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Gastric Lap Band Surgery Facts

1: We can lose weight without a lifestyle change?

If you are overweight then your lifestyle is not healthy in the first place so of course you must change your lifestyle if you want to change your body shape. Lose a large amount of weight is not easy, but with a good attitude and a willingness to change for the better and weight loss is an achievable goal for sure.

2: Thinning with the help of gastric surgery is unhealthy way of weight loss

weight loss will never occur over night, and when he would not be healthy. A good goal to lose, is about three pounds per week, if you have a proper practice of medicine and diet plan accordingly. But do not forget, it will depend on your weight and your goals.

3: The operation will prevent proper nutrition to our bodies

That is not true at all, gastric band surgery will still allow you to proper nutrition in our bodies. Many doctors will prescribe vitamins and supplements, according to the operation, the recovery process.

4: We have to eat only a liquid diet and no solid foods

You will not be on a liquid diet forever, but the recovery process after a stomach-banding operation which is approximately 4 weeks. Of course you should not continue to eat large meals as before, but you can eat solid foods. The idea is to eat smaller meals, at least three times per day, because the smaller amount will still give you a full feeling for a long time.

5: Lap-band surgery is an easy and simple way to lose weight

The people will always tend to gastric band Lap-band surgery as an easy option /solution for a lifetime to lose weight problem. Rather, it should be a commitment we make to the way we look and life for good. LAP-gastric-band surgery is for people who have tried all ways to solve their weight loss, including diet and exercise still nothing seems to help or to work.


Essential guide to gastric banding surgery and facts about gastric banding.

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