Obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserve, stored in the fatty tissue of humans and other mammals, exceeds healthy limits. It is commonly defined as a body mass index (weight divided by height squared) of 30 kg/m2 or higher.

Although obesity is an individual clinical condition, some authorities view it as a serious and growing public health problem. Some studies show that excessive body weight has been shown to predispose to various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis.

How Do You Know If You Are Overweight?

After days after plowing through online articles and printed materials for fat loss, I know there are many opportunities to establish a healthy weight. Basically, hard is not bad when you say, a drug not abuse the body builder or wrestling. Nobody would unhealthy muscle in their bodies dressed since muscle is good, tissues!

It is to measure the amount of body fat, which tell us whether we are healthy or unhealthy. There are several ways to measure. We have the popular body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, waist-hop relationship, skinfold, bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA), DEXA, near infrared (NIR) interactance, hydrostatic weighing and air displacement.

Body Mass Index
This is a height to weight ratio and the resulting index gives an indication of a body fat percentage and the risk of obesity-related diseases. The formula is as follows:

BMI = weight (kg) /(height (m) x height (m))

This is by far the most common form of measurement, but it has its limitations, since it assumes there is a "typical "Build. Body builders and wrestlers is not your typical build so that the BMI is not useful in these cases. Children should be based on an age and gender specific BMI chart.

waist circumference
If you find other people store fat differently especially between women and men. Men tend to store fat around the abdomen and women around the hips and thighs. The measurement of waist circumference provides information on the distribution of body fat and risk for obesity related conditions.

To measure waist circumference, a tape measure sufficient length is required. The correct position for the measurement of waist circumference is midway between the upper hip bone and the lowest point of the chest. Measurement with the band should at this point midway. In cases where the center can not be found (in very overweight), with the band on the level of the navel must do.

waist to hip ratio
This is essentially the Ratio of waist circumference to hip ratio. In addition to measuring the waist circumference, hip size is measured and the resulting waist to hip ratio is as an indication of risk for cardiovascular disease.

This method of measurement of a Pinch of skin calipers on several standardized points on the body to determine the fat content subcutaneous layer thickness. An equation is then used to estimate the percentage of body fat based on the measurement taken.

bioelectrical impedance analysis
A common method for estimating the body composition. BIA measures the resistance to the flow of an electric current through the body fluids in the lean and fat tissue. Impedance is low in lean tissue and high in fat. Hence the amount of electrical impedance gives an estimate in the amount of fat in the body.

Near-Infrared Interactance
This is based on the principles of light absorption, reflection, and in the vicinity infrared spectroscopy. A computerized spectrophotometer that has a scan and probe can be used. The probe is on a selected body site such as the biceps and it emits an infrared light, which by both fat and muscle tissue and is reflected back to the probe. The differences in the field of optical density as a result of the difference in body composition, measured to an indirect measurement of body fat.

DEXA uses two X-ray energies to measure body fat, Muscle, bone and mineral. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes for a full-body scan. The results can be used as whole body estimates of body fat, muscle, bone and mineral as well as regional body estimates.

Hydrostatic weighing
This method uses Archimedes principle, which states that if a body is submerged in water, there is a lively counter force equal to the weight of the water is displaced. Equipment for such a measure are generally in research laboratories.

Air displacement
This method is based on the same principle as hydrostatic weighing. Instead of water to measure body volume, air shift is to measure the body volume.

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Obesity, Breaking The Habit

We are creatures of habit, so much is known. We do not create out of pure laziness habit only, but above all to be effective. However, as in all things in life, good things can rely on us. When it comes to our eating habits, the adoption of unproductive habit can dramatically as to what it obesity.

Were not that I had to learn this from my own experience, I would have never known. Create habit is a question of attitude to 'spirit for a period of 21 days. It works like a charm. A good example is the children's bedtime. If you want your child to go to sleep at a certain hour, a ritual of placing the child to rest in the same hour every day for 21 days. On day 22, drive half an hour. Chances are that your child fast asleep when he left or her.

When it comes to break cycles of unproductive eating habit, the same applies. If you want to lower your food intake, and believe me, it really helps if you want to lose weight ebermaige your mind to keep him for 21 days eat less. But when it comes to habit, you must understand that they have a life of its own that it was "on the go," said speak.

This that could be compared to inertia. (Try to push your car in motion without the engine, you must submit a powerful diving to make it to roll ever so slowly, but once motion, it will be easier). So the trick is to understand that if you want to decrease your diet without too much from it, you must gradually.

Start of food about 10% less and keep them up to 21 days. Then cut a further 10% and keep it up to 21 days. Do not worry, the scale will show results, although not as fast as you would expect. But the pounds you lose in this way to stay away, they do not come back! At the beginning, stabilize your weight, you stop weight gain. This is also a very good result. With the first start of the third stage and the other 10% discount on all your food, your weight will fall faster.

It May very well be that you have a number of cycles before back to your ideal weight that is normal. But if you want things to speed, you can consider recording combined exercise break during the high intake of food habit. Not only is it accelerates weight loss, it will improve your entire health.

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The Trouble With Obesity in America

The problem with obesity in the United States is graer than ever. The numbers increase each year at a heart stopping speed. The people in this country need to again, the fact that the obese and overweight people do not get the good jobs or their health insurance prices upward. There are a lot of things we can do for our fellow human man.

Now, some people like the way they look, and that's okay, we try to assess and change their way of life. But there are also a good number of overweight people who are ready for a change, but they lack the focus and direction. They have tried all the fad diets with little or know, the improvement in the cost of health. Yes, they lost the weight, but it the same again in a matter of months. Not to forget that they are either too embarrassed to go to the public, go to the gym and ridiculed, or they have not only the know-how or the inspiration they need. I have to be this way. Until one morning I woke up and the infamous light bulb turned on over my head and I called my doctor and personal friend and asked him what I should do. The information, he told me that life was changed, but simple.

I asked myself why I do not think that ever. It was so important, and life changed, that I could not help, but my own blog about it.

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The Personal Costs of Obesity

People are overweight and obese many difficulties with their normal weight peers. Frequent doctor visits are a fact of life for overweight and obese people, especially in the development of the weight-related diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Along with the daily difficulties associated with these diseases, the overweight or obese person can be personally affected financially as a result of the weight and the associated costs are reduced income.

The personal consequences and costs of obesity are serious, and the personal financial cost large. Several studies have shown that obesity significantly negative impact on personal relationships and working conditions, wages and progress, in particular for the females.

While health problems as overweight /obese retirement savings devastate May, an overweight /obese people have difficulty in collecting these savings in the First Square. One of the earliest sociological studies on overweight, in 1966 found that the most serious students had a harder time in top colleges. The obese, especially white women, who are paid less. A Cornell University study shows that a weight gain of 64 pounds above the average for white women was 9 percent lower wages.

I can personally attest to the ceiling on the obese, the jobs are available, that you on the basis of your talent And skills are often not available, there are patterns in the next second in interviews. This is especially true when the activity is social context or a lot of people can meet and greet.

Overweight or not spend more than normal-size people to food, but their life insurance premiums are two to four times as large. You can expect higher costs for medical care, and they tend to spend less money and accumulate less wealth in their lives. You have a harder time rented, and then a difficult time earning promotions. People who are as little as 30 40 2004, The Obesity Society a Task Force on Weight found increasing evidence that a clear and consistent prejudice, stigma and, in some cases, discrimination against overweight people in the three areas of life: employment, education, health and care. They also reported that recent studies have documented negative automatic associations with obese people in the health professions and in obese persons themselves.

In addition to the negative financial impact that obesity leads, there are also effects on the quality of life. People who are severely overweight may have difficulty simple daily tasks, such as shoes or tie walk a flight of stairs. Many overweight people have trouble sitting, or can not trust the weight of the border, standard furniture. It is difficult to restaurants or theatres, or the public transport. Many bathrooms would no longer obese were it not for the availability of the much graeren handicap stall. While I was in a position, which stands regelmaige weighted, if I have a little more than 300 pounds, which is safe, but not obese gigantic, there were many who on the low Grae, and the way in turning at the door was clumsy, if not Difficult.

Think about all the places that you may not go, if you had worried about fitting in, or not to break the chairs, thinking of all the places, the booths, the fixed routes from the table. Consider the average Grae the subway turnstile. Go window-shopping and mentally stylish buy multiple items, then go to one of the Grae plus departments or branches and try to replicate the satisfaction you had in your shopping Mock Grae. Tie a few gallons of water jugs for yourself and see how it is, in your own furniture.

If you really looking for a clue from reality fill the jugs with water and lead in your food. Water weights about eight pounds per gallon, so you can see how it is, with 50 pounds overweight, 100, 150 I doubt that many of us may be around enough mugs to bring our weight up to 500, 600 or higher, that some people live with the obese put the weight on in the course of time tend not to realize how much Weight ask her back and knees. There is no way to truly feel what it is like to physically obese: things like raw inner thighs from chaffing and permanent indentations from raw bra strap can not duplicated.

These problems like trivial to some, but they represent serious, multi -- Layered difficulties, the two have a cumulative effect and a ripple. If you are afraid you might not be able to use, long shopping trips less welcoming. If your Grae affects your ability of the lungs, can cause trouble sleeping, can affect your performance at work, which in turn can lead to a deterioration of the experience of day-to-day financial burdens. This could be the ability to keep literally.

Duke University Medical Center researchers reported that obesity in 2004 significantly affected the sexual quality of life. Adiposen people report sexual problems such as lack of desire, lack of enjoyment, avoiding sex, difficulty and performance at a very much higher than that of ordinary people weight.

Overweight and overweight people are often stereotyped as emotionally impaired, socially handicapped, and as possession of negative personality traits. The evidence of discrimination is found in almost every stage of the employment cycle, including selection, placement, compensation, promotion, discipline and discharge, according to research provided by Western Michigan University. In addition, this bias extends to offer estimates of overweight people in their various work related roles, both as subordinates and co-workers.

According recent studies, the wages of slightly overweight white women were 5.9 lower than standard Weight counterparts; morbidly obese white women goods 24.1 percent lower. In contrast to women who are slightly overweight wages of white and black men were higher than their counterparts standard weight. Men only experienced wage penalties at the highest weight levels.

The potential impacts of the applicant's weight, age, gender and race of the ratings candidate acceptance of jobs in a laboratory setting was investigated in 1988. Overweight candidates were rated significantly lower, but not of the other criteria manipulation had a significant influence. Michigan is the only that prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of weight.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law protects that qualified people with disabilities from discrimination on the basis of disability in the Work. Since the entry into force of the ADA, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has taken the position that people who are morbidly obese (body weight more than 100 percent higher than the norm) are disabled and protected under the ADA. This leaves a large number of overweight, but not morbidly obese, unprotected in forty nine of fifty states. He also people who do qualify in the obligation to bring an ADA action to remedy a situation qualified. And you still have to prove it was discrimination based obesity.

Compared normal weight people, obese and morbidly obese people are massively more are instances of institutional and day-to-day interpersonal discrimination. Krankhaft overweight and obese people massively report lower levels of self-acceptance as a normal weight persons, but this relationship is mitigated by the perception that it was discriminated against because of body weight or physical appearance: One reason more psychologically than palatable character or personality defect or a job not well done.

Unflattering depictions of obese people through popular culture, while several studies document that children, adults and even professionals in the health sector, working with obese patients hold negative attitudes toward overweight and obese people. Twenty-eight percent of the teachers in a study said that more obese is the worst thing can happen that a person; twenty-four percent of the nurses said that they people.

Obese repulsed by obese people who believe that their health care providers look at looking after them avoid supply; this reaction is potentially dangerous, given the fact that overweight people are at increased risk for many health conditions.

Research conducted in the past 40 years shows that obese people as physically unattractive and undesirable. Obese individuals are also to be responsible for their weight due to some fault in character as laziness, gluttony, or a lack of self-control and self-regulation. Obese people may have negative self-evaluations as a response to the spread of negative attitudes towards obese people and real or perceived discrimination treatment.

Interpersonal severe acute consequences of obesity are responsible for most of the members of the higher socio-economic strata. A number of studies indicate that the upper-middle-class Americans are less likely to be obese, more negative opinions to adopt the obese, and more likely to finesse the ideal body type who believe that obesity is a consequence of laziness May Be especially common in people with rich resources and opportunities. Physical appearance and points out a positive image of your employer can be a critical aspect of the job security success in the liberal professions than in the blue-collar or service occupations. In all our surveys, the only noticeable difference in obesity statistics, a drop in the percentage of obesity in the shopping streets of the playgrounds wealthy.

The Employment Law Alliance (ELA), the findings from their America at Work survey Deutend an increase in complaints of discrimination linked to obesity. The survey found 47 percent of overweight Americans believe that they are the victims of discrimination in the workplace, while 32 percent believe obese employees less likely to be respected and taken seriously in the workplace. Almost 40 percent of those who identifies himself as either overweight or obese say they deserve special government protection against weight discrimination at the workplace, but only 26 percent of people of normal weight echo that contention.

Studies show that overweight and obese Students, especially girls, are less likely than non-obese to be adopted by the competitiveness of universities. This is true even when their grades, standardized test scores and other variables are the same as with other boys and girls.

Overweight people are less likely to attend college, although they score high on standardized tests and are scientifically motivated. Even obese women are more likely than other men or women to make their way through college.

Overweight students tend to be rejected, recommendation letter from the Faculty members.

There were some changes in practice in relation to the cessation of obese, as so much more power, Employment has become obese, there is not often an option. Look at the number of employees you see in the shops and businesses in a day, and you will find that there are more employees than there were obese when you were a child. But it does not remove or reduce the ceiling on promotion restrictions, the shadows of the obese.

A study from 1200 showed that the doctors, although doctors acknowledged the health risks of obesity and perceived, how many patients are overweight or obese, they do not intervene Dachte as they should have been ambivalent about how to manage obese customers, and were unlikely to refer them to weight loss. Only 18 percent of the doctors said they would discuss weight management with overweight patients, and only 42 percent of doctors had this discussion with a slightly overweight patients. I lived and worked in five countries in my life, and have jobs in six different counties in California, I have a variety of primary physicians in my adult life, and I can tell you that most never my weight this topic, And a few who did just realised that I should lose some.

In a survey of 1969 doctors, obese patients were described as a weak will , ugly , clumsy , and even - lenient . In a recent survey doctor, one of the three doctors said that they react negatively to obesity, behind three other diagnostic /social categories: drug addiction, alcoholism and mental disorders. A survey of severely obese patients revealed that nearly 80 percent of the medical treatment by disrespectful profession.

Physicians are not immune to obesity. Ironically, doctors report fifty percent of their medical colleagues are obese. The Physicians' Health Study reported that 44 percent of male doctors are overweight, and 6 percent are obese. Although there are no data on obesity in female doctors, the Nurses' Health Study showed that 28 percent of female nurses in the United States are overweight, and 11 percent are obese.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic recently, the results of a poll More than 2500 of obese patients who are in their doctor for a regelmaige review in the course of a year. They found that only one in five of the people were on their charts, as obese.

Discussing weight is even more complicated, with children. According to a 2005 study in the Journal of Pediatrics, doctors diagnosed obesity less than 1 percent of the time between 2 to 18-year-olds, and that figure is far below the one-third of young Americans struggle with obesity and obesity.

Among doctors, 17 percent reported restraint , pelvic exams to very obese women, and 83 percent indicated restraint, a pelvic exam when the patient himself hesitated. Given the fact that obese women are reluctant to receive tests, and that doctors are reluctant to carry out tests or obese women are reluctant to many overweight women may not receive necessary medical attention or preventive care.

Overweight and obese people waiting to get more slowly than normal weight customers. They often have more difficulties, returns or exchanges thinner than their colleagues. When I was obese, sales rarely asked the people to support, and I often felt I had someone to track down, and I had assumed a general state of the loss of ethics of the service of the old days. One thing I noticed, when I get a Grae 4 was that the sales people started coming to me and ask if they could help many more frequently.

Results a study by the North American Association for Study of Obesity found that obese Were children rejected and less frequent liked by peers. Overweight boys more open encounter victimisation (verbal Necken or physical aggression), and overweight girls reported more relational victimization (cruelty of friends and cliques), compared with their average weight peers.

Obese girls were also less likely to As the date their peers. Both obese boys and girls reported that more dissatisfied with their dating status in comparison with the average weight peers. The results suggest that overweight adolescents are graerer danger to the mistreatment of their peers, and have fewer opportunities to develop intimate romantic relationships, it could make a contribution to the health and psychological problems often associated with obesity, in puberty, a time of rapid change in body shape and-grae and dynamic interaction with peers and parents, weight control is a particularly sensitive issue.

Recently kindergarten teachers reported more label obese children as sad and lazy . They voted with an overwhelming majority, the statement childhood obesity is a major reason for the rejection peer-. Another recent study showed that obese children are adopted by the school more than other children, missing an average of two days longer than their peers not obese. It is interesting that obesity appears to predict more absences than any other factor, including school performance and socio-economic status, two of the above-mentioned reasons in the past for poor attendance. As a former public school teacher (elementary and high school level, and as a principal and superintendent of schools pre-K-12), I can tell you that the number of days of school missed severely impact a child learn, and we can perform in relation to fewer jobs and less pay for the rest of the life of a child. That is a steep cost.

Social personal attitudes towards obesity are negative and usually cause the young are withdrawn and isolated. Overweight adolescents have feelings of low self-esteem, social isolation, feelings of rejection and depression, and a strong sense of failure. Obese children are more high-risk behavior such as smoking or alcohol consumption. Obese adolescent girls are more often become sexually active at a younger age in an effort to attention.

The acceptance and prejudices associated with obesity is very intense. Fat teenagers are often disregarded and subject to ridicule. Most comments about fatness negative consequences. Young people are often humiliated and often suffer permanent emotional scars. Fat people are tired judged by weight first and second personality. Adolescent girls who are dissatisfied with their bodies often try to lose weight and unhealthy ways, including skipping meals, fasting, smoking, and to ward off hunger. A smaller number of girls are even resorting to more extreme methods such as self-induced vomiting, diet pills and laxatives. Strict denial foods in an effort to lose weight often leads to the late afternoon or evening binging episodes. More than a third of overweight people in the weight-loss treatment programs report difficulties with binge eating. This type of diet contributes to the behavior feelings of shame, loneliness, poor self-esteem, depression, and in return these feelings can spur additional food as a means of solace.

In a study by the University of California, San Diego, researchers were surprised when they find that the ratings of overweight children on a survey of quality of life were as bad as cancer patients in each domain of life.

One obesity study asked obese people to a forced-choice questionnaire, for each question, they had to make The choice is between their current weight or any other disease. The results were astounding. Although there are some differences on some issues, each obese people said that they prefer blind or a leg amputated, than at their current high weight. Most interestingly each person , which in the study would prefer a bad person thin as morbidly obese millionaire.

Little wonder that depression often associated with obesity and overweight and obese was age 5 until 50 I can personally testify that this chapter understates Grae the variety and the actual cost of the personal obesity.

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A Possible Cause of Obesity - The Burger Effect

Did you ever wondered why you feel so heavy after eating a few hamburgers?

Obesity is often rumours manner, through a combination of ones' eating habits, lack of physical activity, and the lack of awareness of what is happening with their own body. The results of the research tend to prove that the body does not waste anything, it is safe to assume that if he receives additional rations, begins stockpiling reserves. And it will always do so in the most efficient way possible.

What follows is not on overweight people who suffer from physical disorders, their digestive systems deregulate. your obesity is a disease, and they should have the confidence of their medically trained professional therapists, if they have access to them.

The Burger effect:

Good old-fashioned logic or common sense would dictate that, if one eats a hamburger singles, there is not enough food in the stomach to fill. around this approach is misleading, one might also assume that this will prevent the individual from obtaining a feeling of satiety. if we are not satisfied or if We still feel hungry, we are naturally inclined to look for a second hamburger.

This thinking is, unfortunately, magnificently and ironically missing the point in a spectacular manner. hamburgers An average is usually a combination of meat, bread , a small quantity of vegetables, and this is exactly the actual problem.

Consider: meat and bread together in a stomach is not very good fit together. Why? Because the meat to digest the protein, which is gastric acid liquids to produce and digest the bread, which is strength, the stomach is to release base fluids. In chemistry, it is known that base fluids and neutralize acids liquids another.

The a result, the first phase of the digestive process is the complete disarray. ( absorption of food through the mouth into the stomach, where it is broken down, and then further into the intestine). digest the meat instead of the usual 35 minutes, it would be normal if the bread was not present in the stomach, the process up to four times longer. The same goes for the bread.

"No wonder!" If you think, "even the necessary fluid, which are needed to digest this type of food neutralize each other!" They are, of course, right, but unfortunately that is not everything it.

As the person who ate the hamburgers, has now accumulated neutralized digestive system liquids in the stomach, and nutrients at body temperature, stirring constantly around, a natural fermentation process is in motion.

This means that instead of processing the food, the stomach has now become a Gefa fermenting. cooking causes of a number of chemicals to be rearranged, and some of these combinations are very toxic. In other words, poisons produced. These quantities of toxic chemicals are very small, but they are still present and now, they are also included in the next phase of the digestive system process.

Eventually, stomach copes with this cooking broth and it goes in the intestines. here that the body's digestive system make the best of it while dealing with conflicting elements. as the first law obeys it is always: "You should not waste", by the excess energy (in the body as food) in the most efficient manageable parts, including the small amounts of toxic substances caused by the fermentation process, and stores them in the cells, specifically designed to do this: the fat cells.

The result is obvious: instead of the inclusion of consumption of energy, the body stores it in the fat cells. for the body, this is the most effective way of dealing with the many requirements that it has to cope with. fact, usually after a solid afternoon meal, the individual does not lie down to rest, but he will continue his daily pig brain routine.

The a staggering percentage of the available energy that the body is available, and the rest of the body has not yet been established, as well as with electricity. no wonder, then, that the toxins caused by the fermentation of in the stomach are simply stored away in the fat cells, which are processed at a later time.

What preceded by a series of horrendous negative consequences for the individual who has eaten what appears to Be a number of "innocent" Hamburger. you are in the order of importance below.

1 a fermentation process to be confused causes a feeling of irritation with hunger.

As the stomach is not functioning at its peak performance rate - because of the fermentation process, which is almost immediately set in motion when a person eats a hamburger - and cooking, that this process creates toxins, the stomach is irritated. There are not so many different types of nerve cells in the stomach, so that a person can easily be confused, feeling of irritation with hunger.

Nutritionists have calculated there are more than enough in a Hamburg to count calories for a whole meal. But when the stomach is irritated, the owner of the stomach this signal can be interpreted as something else. Well, despite the fact, he has absorbed the equivalent of a whole meal with the first hamburgers, irritated his stomach seems to say more food. The result is equally obvious: Instead of stopping after absorbs the equivalent of a full meal, the signals, as hunger pains in the stomach drive to eat the equivalent of a second full meal.

We now have a person who absorbed the equivalent of two, all meals, and ends with a strong feeling in the stomach because he heard the signals sent his stomach him.

2 fermentation process makes sleepy.

Ever heard the expression "for a sugar high? Do you remember the first high nicotine? It is not uncommon for a" reward "in the form of mild or even more intense feelings of euphoria, when a short-circuit the delicate chemical balance of blood with powerful or concentrated and sometimes potentially deadly chemicals. a reward, it is dangerous! It is the case of drug addicts or alcoholics fall into.

In this case is the process in fermentation set in motion in the stomach creates not only poisons, but even a small amount of alcohol. Since the stomach is irritated, the body has a tendency to release some endorphins in the same way long-distance calls athletes do when they deep Muscles in their reserves against pain.

This the body not only to obey the law "as you no waste." It allows one to the food, because if the stomach also gets irritated, but there is always the risk that they simply the command to throw the body caused by vomiting irritant. It happened to me once after the consumption of meat, three double-layered hamburgers during the meal. An hour later, my stomach went into revolt and the contents were thrown, but violently .

Although there is no medical evidence (yet) the release of endorphins in the brain after a major food intake, I strongly suspect that it happens but under certain conditions.

3 fatty cells, the toxins. is

This particularly devastating when a person decides to start a diet. Once a person decides to change unproductive dietary habits, the body responds immediately. for example, by avoiding false food combinations, the body is suddenly confronted with a large surplus of energy . cooking of food in the stomach to prevent and instead to store large amounts of additional energy, they can now take the whole process into reverse. This makes it likely to get rid of the toxins that were previously absorbed, but the result is that toxins in the bloodstream.

There is no other option, these toxins can be eliminated, because they are from other organs such as the liver, kidneys and skin. The result is that the person who starts his fat melts away in this manner is not very good feeling. In fact, one can feel quite miserable.'s no wonder, then, that it is so difficult to keep going! Again, I know this from experience!

4th Food wrong food combinations can become addictive .

When a person unknowingly falling into the habit of eating the wrong food combinations, it is, among many other reasons, because he has trained his body to deal with this situation. people are extremely resilient creatures, an almost unbelievable ability to adapt to the most incredible combinations of uncomfortable events.

When an unfavorable consistently eats food combinations, trains the body with this situation, and finally, one is not even aware of that is actually doing more harm than good. Over time , the Hamburg ordinary consumer is not satisfied unless he feels the sleepiness, which usually accompanies such a severe food consumption. with the meal is the equivalent of two full calorie meals every time one goes for a hamburger, it is not really surprising to see that the person who acquires the habit to become obese. me.

Is It happened to be a wonder, then, that a steadily increasing number of obese people? On top of that, if one tries to reverse the situation, get "rewarded" by feeling really terrible. ironic if not, what is? The great advantage is that once you are aware of what is actually happening in those 'body, you can prepare to deal with the situation much better than before. is the guy who invented the saying that "ignorance is bliss"? I would like to imagine that after reading advance what he wanted to be adding, "under certain circumstances" .

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The Governments Answer To Obesity, Why Are People So Mad At The Obese? - Part II

So in the first part of this article, I talked about three major points.

� How the government and a large percentage of the population in the United States feel that obesity is the main cause of our health care system problems.

� In addition to the billions of dollars in production lost and any other expenses the blame on the obese.

� That there is legislation that some states are trying to stop obesity, or help us, so that they think.

I thought I would take the time in this second part of my Article give some examples of the types of legislation that is specific to the obese, and who is behind them. But then the research I came across a lot of information about "Cheeseburger laws" or, if you live in New Mexico, it is the "right to eat Enchilada's act" these laws almost made me, I am the sick.

Here Defending overweight, and I come in all these laws, stop the obese from suing foods institutions for us fat, go ahead just Google "Cheeseburger laws" and you will amazed.

My point is that I am going to reflect on speak on the regulation to us by our government, I agree, there is a law for everything, and now they want to tell us what to eat, but I noticed, perhaps, the people are so stupid that we can not survive on our own. I know that's a terrible thing to say, but why should someone sue a fast-food society? Or the blame on someone else for that matter, someone to blame for their weight denial.

Do only problem is we need the government to write a meal and put it into the federal law? I read to bash the legislature, but maybe they are right, maybe it is just the fact that because people can not take responsibility for their own actions with the feds must step in.

Now opinion about this, the government is freaking out about all money lost by obesity, but also how much taxpayers' money was wasted, or wasted from frivolous lawsuits against fast food, now combined with the cost for the entire legislation targeted toward obesity, and the attorneys fees to do, all of the action and bingo, you have enough money together for a whole program to support the obese in a constructive way, rather than dictate what they can and can not eat. If you do not agree with what I say, ok, it is for the time when America still until the legislators and lawyers decide that name is Offense and spend billions of dollars to change it, and make the whole thing about the obese .

According the New York Times, there are up to 25 states to adopt laws obesity slapping taxes on everything from food to movies and other sedentary activities because activists like John Banzhaf, Felix Ortiz, Kelly Brownell, and the feeling that we as People lack impulse control, and feel the need to eat, while everything we see, throw caution to the wind. I went to some of the specific bills, but it is rather difficult to find the special features on the Web for hours without digging through garbage worthless, Stay tuned for Part III next soon.

P.S. I would like to hear my feedback from two or three readers:)


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Dangers of Excessive Body Fat

The common reason why people reduce the weight is not only look good but also to the dangers of ebermaigem body fat and become obese. Weight loss helps fit and healthy and increases resistance. Obesity is a disease, the health and can cause heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Adiposen human cholesterol levels tend to shoot. It occurs when the accumulation of body fat more than a ceiling of 25% for men and 32% for women. One in three Americans have extra body fat and study shows that nearly 20% of them suffer from obesity.

If You have to be obese disease to determine the breathing is difficult. The heart is the process of blood pumping station demanding. Blood pressure rises and the heart graer. If the cholesterol shoots, it causes the deposit of plaque narrowing of the arteries and increases the blood pressure even more. This is a factor that the risk can lead to heart attacks. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, body fat reduction is more effective than any drug therapy as cardiac structure modulator.

Nearly 25% of the problems associated with the heart and associated vessels are caused by obesity. It is clinically proven that cancer and body fat are linked. Fat is used as a storage space of carcinogens, cancer-causing chemicals. This can occur in women as well as men. Overweight disturbs the hormonal balance in the medium of insulin production and absorption of blood sugar. The excess amount of sugar in the blood is fat globules. All of this leads to diabetes and diseases related to the gall bladder, colon, osteoarthritis, and stroke. On an average people tend to be a pound per year after 25 years. Until the age of 50 you would have gained 25 pounds. This slows metabolic rate and causes fatigue. At the same time, if you do not exercise you get more weight, is risky. These are the major adverse effects resulting from overweight, apart from fatigue and low stamina and incompetence in physical activities.

A nomadic way of life is also in a negative way. So, in order to avoid all this, it is better to a healthy lifestyle. Less use of oil and milk products, low fat and the consumption of meals keeps the water metabolism in a good condition. A good and effective exercise regime and a regelmaige review of the health status helps you evaluate the condition of the body better and adjust the diet and exercise patterns. This can be easily with the help of a fitness trainer or experienced guidance. To follow a weight-reduction program and go on a diet to avoid fattening food, this will contribute in a major way to reduce obesity. Believe in natural weight reduction and no force your body to reach. Eventually, things fall in place and you will feel fresh and healthy.

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Preventing Obesity

Reports and figures from a variety of countries indicate that the number of people suffering from obesity is rising, but there are many who never experience the disease. These are the people who, consciously or otherwise adopt two of the most important life-style rules for a healthy life - eating a varied and balanced diet, a lot of movement daily.

By following two rules religiously, these people will never suffer non-obese, nor will they ever grossly over weight. Its easy to follow these rules as it is, to reduce unwanted weight.

Eat a varied diet with meat, chicken and fish in moderate quantities. Eat five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit per day. Have whole grain bread rather than white bread and have a lot of nuts to chew when hungry. Avoid foods are processed foods (high in salt and fat), fat and high calorie foods, food and drinks with excess amounts of sugar, and avoid too much alcohol ..

Regular movement are as important as a healthy and nutritious diet.

Exercise should be carried daily - either with a regelmaigen routine (as a walk every day) or with a variety of routine (one day jogging, cycling to the next, the day after the swimming, etc.) Light exercise would consist of a walk around 45 minutes and should be the minimum for a fit and healthy person.

Always be on the lookout for other opportunities to exercise - how the dog for a long walk, walk to pick up the paper Tomorrow instead of the car; spend time outdoors with the children during the summer evenings. There are a million and ways to get a little more practice, in addition to what happened daily.

If these two rules will be carried out regularly, they are also not a problem that more than one person, weight and lifestyle will be improved .

treatment of obesity

Until recently, there were three options for the treatment of obese and suffering a weight on the end. These were of prescription pills, herbal pills, and only in urgent cases, gastric surgery. These methods would be used, in addition to the changes in lifestyle habits regelmaigen exercises and a sensible diet diet.

For the people from suffering from morbid obesity - that is with a body mass index of more than 40 - and have tried , the bandwidth of prescription drugs - then the only option to help them is one of the types of gastrointestinal surgery.

The most popular procedure involves the reorganization of the digestive system to limit the amount of food in the stomach. This is a relatively safe operation, a permanent results.

However, as with all operations, there is a risk. It may be that the operation does not deliver the desired results - it may not be the price-performance ratio, it could be after the surgery problems.

For patients with a BMI of 30 an 40, then the best course of action, in addition to the recommended changes in lifestyle habits, can make a course or prescription drugs or a nutritionist can recommend a herbal supplement.

And for people with a BMI of 29.9 May 25, the solution either with a herbal pill, a prescription pill; attend a weight-loss program, see a nutritionist, or only with self-regulation of food and exercises.

Most prescription drugs either through the reduction of hunger or stop inclusion in the body of some of the fat content in the diet with food. The results, these pills are very mixed.

The principle of herbal products that claim to reduce weight, either on or Hoodia chitosan, of which the best Hoodia is entitled to success. But the problem with grate Hoodia is that there are many products around that assertion, the Hoodia but are in fact not. This product comes from a very slow-growing and hard to cultivate cactus that grows in the desert region of South Africa. Supply Hoodia is therefore limited and insufficient to be used in the production of the amount of Hoodia pills advertised. Most Hoodia pills contain nothing more than cheap look-alike fillers.

A good indication that Hoodia tablets are of dubious quality, is the fact that most pills are advertised over the Internet spamming.

Our proposal is easy to hold and away from Hoodia pills because of their questionable Quality.

However within the last 12 months has the product on the market, that the problem of being over weight approaches from a different perspective. It is a pill that control over the amount of fat that the body will absorb.

By taking this product in pill form, then no matter how much fat is a meal, 28% of the fat will be rejected and not absorbed the body. This has the effect to the total amount of body fat under control and prevent any sharp increase in body weight over a short period of time. If this pill is used in connection with a regelmaigen routine exercise and sensible nutrition, then a reduction of the weight should follow.

What pill makes this so different than anything else in the market is that the basic ingredient has been tested and professionally to give good results of a constant figure of 28% of the fat consumed is not absorbed into the body. As a result of these tests the pill was approved as an effective weight reduction program from the British MHRA and the European Union. It also conforms to the guide lines set mainly by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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How To Fight Obesity

If you suffer from obesity, it is extremely important that you have a positive control of the situation and to take proactive measures to lose as much weight as you can, as quickly as possible. This can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Unfortunately, most utilities, food, medicines, exercise regimes, and there is either too expensive, too risky, too difficult to maintain or for the long-term.

There is an option available For you, but: Shifting Calorie Diet. This diet program is an alternative that can help you reach your destination quickly, safely and economically, while helping you motivated to keep the diet.

You can expect to lose 9 pounds for every 11 days follow this diet. That is almost one pound per day. The diet is very easy to adapt to, because the rules of the diet are not only simple but also very attractive to anyone who has difficulty with other diet programs in the past:

  1. you can eat so much food as you want, in every meal until you are completely satisfied . But you should stop eating is not just about full.
  2. They will eat four meals every day.
  3. Each meal must distance of at least 2.5 to 3 hours minimum.
  4. you expect to eat food from all four of the major food groups in the course of following this diet.
  5. They are required to a binding 3-day-Cheat break from the diet every 2 weeks. During these 3 days, you can eat what you want, without limitation, as long as you are not at every meal overeat. After 3 days, you can return the diet for a further 11-day stretch before the next 3-day break.
  6. you are required to look for a structured plan, nutrition rotationally shifts , the kind of calories that you consume, from meal to meal, in the course of the day.

It is not how much you eat foods . It is when you eat, what kinds of foods . By shifting calories in the appropriate pattern, as The Calorie Diet shifting, you are triggering the release of fat-burning hormones in your body, the yield of rapid weight loss results you desire.

The purpose of the 3-Day is to give Breaks your body a chance to rest and stabilization of the rapid weight loss they were experiencing. It also servers as a mini-reward for your commitment to weight loss. The 3-break should you motivated to continue. 3-day every 2 weeks, 6 days per month! That means that every second weekend, you get a 3-day break from the diet. So, if your diet on a Monday, then every other Friday through Sunday, you can take a break from the diet!

This works great if you want to have the freedom to eat at a party or other social gathering, where there are all sorts of "non-diet" food!

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Obesity - The Deadliest Epidemic To Reach American Shores

Ladies and gentlemen: a deadly epidemic is sweeping the nation. It affects young and old, male and female, rich or poor, it makes no difference. Doctors are left scratching their heads in confusion, since they are unable to make against the deadly attacks. We are talking, of course, about the obesity-2002, sixty-two percent of American women are considered overweight; zahlenmaig only marginally by American men, whose obesity rate numbered at over an astonishing sixty five percent *. And the growing number of those under the age of eighteen is even scarier - thirty-three percent of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry **.

So, how can we actually get in front of this disease? Research suggests that there are a number of things that we can do to the fight against obesity among adults and children alike ...

Educate Us And Our Children About Proper nutrition -

The number one thing we as a people can do is to fight obesity to educate, not only ourselves, our children, but also about the importance of proper nutrition. This does not mean that suddenly a strict vegan or raw food fanatics, simple, we need to understand that there is a fine balance that must be maintained and our diets.

Of course, a lot of fruits and vegetables are a must if we want to achieve our healthiest themselves, but so are fats, sugars and carbohydrates - all the things that the majority of fad diets require you not to go. Understanding that there is a healthy level of these so-called bad foods that contribute to our system and our health, is an important part of the sachgemaen nutrition.

One of the easiest ways to learn what amount for each of the various types of foods, you need to be in your system, and how much to feed their children, to your local health department. Most state health departments have a program called WIC, the nutrition classes for mothers of infants and small children, so that they learn to better feed their families a healthy balance of food. You can talk to your local health department and ask for food handouts, in these classes, and even ask whether you might in a class or two.

Get Up And Move -

In In addition to eating healthy, it is important to choose the right activity. Getting the right amount of exercise for your body is a key component of staving off obesity, and can also help to prevent other diseases and complaints, the impact on those who are sedentary life style lead - like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and much more!

It is important that you not try to a massive fitness program immediately if you have previously lived a sedentary lifestyle. Although the practice is certainly good for all, you can easily exaggerate, if we are not careful. Instead, talk to your doctor about what levels of exercise are safe for you at your current level of fitness.

Keep in mind that the execution of the right, and joining your local gym is not necessary, either, nor is there a Do that every aerobics and yoga class that you can find. The best thing would be easy to increase your current level of activity (not more than comfortable), walks around your neighborhood, or even make your own four walls. Remember that any activity, which then until your heart rate is better than no all.

Stay Positive -

Last but not least, it is important to have a positive attitude to life, if you really want to , beat obesity. According to Dr. Albert clearly from the University of Pennsylvania Department of Psychiatry, and published in 2003 by the Society of Biological Psychiatry, there is a direct link between depression and obesity ***.

For many people it into a vicious circle - you battle depression, they will find more and more weight, and as they gain more weight, they become more depressed. Therefore, it is important to try and keep a positive attitude, if you really want to fight against obesity. If you are already struggling with depression, you should talk to a mental health professional as soon as possible.

Along same lines, many people find it difficult to stay motivated when it comes to healthy. It is always easier to slip back into our old bad habits, as it is, to a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you find something that motivates you to help you on your way to overcoming obesity.

There are a number of things you can do to help you remember why you want to be healthy, for example, if you are a parent, you can see pictures of your children on the refrigerator along with a list of all the things you can do with If they find a healthy lifestyle.

You can also help with weight loss hypnosis and meditation. These programs help you to change the way you consciously look at the world and to the importance of health, and help you change your attitude towards subconscious unhealthy behaviors such as over-eating and will sedentary.

As you can see, learn, maintain a healthy way of life does not have to be earth-shattering changes, but it can (and will) have a life-changing effect is that nothing of what you have ever experienced. Above all, we must instill a sense of urgency and our children about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are our future, after all, and their health should be just as important - if not more - as our own.

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: National Center for Health Statistics. "National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey." 2002.

** American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, AACAP.org, No. 79 Published January 2001

*** Dr. Albert clearly, 2003 Society of Biological Psychiatry. Published by Elsevier Inc. 1st August 2003, Volume 54, Issue 3, pps. 330-337

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Why Is Everybody So Mad At The Obese

Recently I have been working on the establishment of an online support group for the obese, while spending hours a day cleaning agents for the Web ideas on the market, like on my side, and the search for relevant information, I have come to the conclusion that people really are when it comes to ignorant obesity.

I write this as a great article, but I found that it is just too much for all the information in an article, so I decided to do this in several articles in the next few weeks.

Let 's start with what really sparked my interest, what people have said about the Internet, the obese and overweight people in the world. That is the fact that many people including government officials believe that the cause or at least a part of the cause of our poor health system because of the exodus, that the overweight on the health system costs billions of dollars per year.

A Many people believe, because we are at a higher risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and the list goes on and on, that we are the only problem with the health system. For this reason, some politicians Felix Ortiz as a member of the New York Assembly to propose, which would contribute laws to curb our eating habits by special taxes on certain foods (I will this topic in a later article). The point is that the politicians see us as a gold mine, they figure if they can make us healthier, that they are free to spend billions of dollars somewhere else.

I believe this is simply not true, and there are sources that out there, I agree, as well as people who have written articles in the past retracting what they said. But recently, in a Dutch study of the facts plays differently, one thing is not the number crunchers to mention is that most obese people have a very short lifetime, far be it from me now to get excited about the fact that we die, I am not saying younger, which is a positive thing, I would only say that the facts are simply not true when it comes to what is at the expense of obesity really is our nation.

The fact is that the longer one person's life more of a burden on the system if researchers were to cure obesity tomorrow, and we all lived as a mature 80 years old, this would be more of a burden for the system than anything else, the social security (or what's left of remained) would collapse much faster than expected, and many other burdens would be placed on our infrastructure.

Again I am not thrilled with the fact that we die earlier and are more susceptible to diseases because we weight is not what I say, the point I am trying to make is that no one can foresee only her magic wand and it away, it's about time, educational, and a lot of empathy to conquer this disease. I believe that the only solution is to go to the root causes of obesity, I do not think that all overweight just one day and said, "ah today is the day on which I was obese and ruined my life" How .

Most of the other diseases we have today is usually a cause for the problem, such as depression and lack of exercise are the cause of my excess weight. During the execution of one day, when I was in good form, I through my back and could not exercise for a few months, of course, I always eat, as I was still runs in regelmaigen intervals, because you just do not think about To that cause weight gain, which leads to more depression and weight gain, which leads to more sleep and weight gain, depression, and even more, and the rest is history. My point is that there is a cause for your illness, whether their stress from work or marriage or a rough childhood, we all have to deal with our minds before we can begin the journey back to healthy.

In my next article I will speak More on the government master plan all of us to heal, to travel tuned.

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How To Overcome Obesity

Overcoming obesity is a demanding task. With so much to lose weight, you can feel that the way to slimming is paved with insurmountable obstacles. Even with the fad diets out there, promising results of rapid weight loss, can be found next to impossible to actually stay on one of these diets, they need because you about your favorite food for several months . It may be easy at first, but the way to weight loss is linked to the food temptation.

However full of landmines, there is a diet that offers the difficulties faced by the people face when it comes to overcoming the obesity: The Calorie Diet shift .

Shifting Calorie Diet, in stark contrast to all the other so-called "mainstream" diets, a radically different approach weight loss.

For instance, on this diet, you may eat as much food As you wish, in each meal, until you are fully satisfied. You just have to stop to eat just shy of actually always "full" .

addition, you are required to eat four meals every day! Not only that, they are also required eat food from all four food groups , while you are on this diet.

While on this diet plan, you can expect to lose 9 pounds every 11 days, amounting to well over 20 pounds per month.

Does this sound too good to be true? How much weight can you lose by so much to eat as you like, four times a day, the food from all four major food groups?

This basically means you can eat meat, bread, milk, fruit and vegetables in quantities sufficient quantities all day long and still lose weight. Other programs limit your diet food intake, the introduction of a ceiling on the amount of food to eat and by prohibiting or limiting the amount of certain foods, which you may or may not eat.

One the graten problems that people involved in obesity, her face addiction to food. Most mainstream programs, the diet is the wrong approach to say that you have to give up your favorite foods and eat less.

The Calorie Diet shifting, on the other hand, is designed specifically for people who feel the need to cheat on their diets And, once a while, and for people who absolutely can not function without having to be able to eat to their satisfaction.

In fact, there is a different function and benefits from The Calorie Diet Shifting is noteworthy to mention that they are required for a binding three-day break cheat of the diet every two weeks .

That means , for 11 days of every 14, are under the strict diet. And then as a reward, you get to 3 days of food. During these 3 days, you must confirm to the diet of healthy eating guidelines, so that you do not gain any weight back, but you are not following the diet during this time. After 3 days, you can return the diet for a further 11 days before your next 3 days pausing. It is not only a good morale booster, 3 days in the value of breaks from your diet twice a month, but it is good for the body. Nutritionists agree that too much rapid weight loss for long periods of time is not good for the body. That is the reason why these 3-day break will give your body needs the break to the peace and stabilization of rapid weight loss were experiencing.

The sum of all of the above properties is a significant benefit for the people, the Great difficulties , the maintenance of discipline and motivation that is not to follow a diet. This diet is basically the "cheat factor" has built in.

How Shifting Calorie Diet work? The basic premise of this diet is that your body metabolism in fat-burning mode, simply by shifting the of calories you consume from meal to meal. It is not the quantity of food that you eat. It is when you eat, the foods.

For example, if everything you eat all day long is a kind of food, we say banana, lose They weight, even if you have more than one banana a day and eat to your satisfaction. Why? Since your body calories consumed, but it is not get all the essential nutrients they need, that of a balanced diet. So, your body goes into fat-burning mode. Your body takes a deficit Food and thus compensated by tapping into your fat stores.

Well, on the theme "The shift Calorie Diet, it will eat a wide variety of foods all day every day. However, the way the different types of food are distributed each day is orchestrated and so to simulate that a food deficit would trigger fat burning. The only difference is that by the time that your body goes in fat-burning mode, because it's a true deficit of a kind of nutrients, you need to re-survey the nutrients that your body and retention of another. Hence the name "Calorie Shifting" .

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The Link Between Salt and Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become a major problem in our youth. During inactivity, fatty foods and supersizing were reasons for this epidemic is also a factor, the less obvious, lurking in our food. Salt. That's right, the high salt content of our food is a cause for obesity.


Here's how it works. Salt makes thirsty. Soft drinks are the drink of choice for children and adolescents thirsty, and half of the soft drinks they tend to consume sugar gesat. Such gesate sugar soft drinks contain more calories to obesity. These findings were revealed in a recent study on the relationship between salty food, soft drinks and obesity, published in the American Heart Association's journal "," Hypertonie.-1688 British children and adolescents aged 4 to 18 years . Fluid and salt intake was measured, and a number of factors, such as the activity was monitored and monitored.

It found, as has been reported in other studies, that people who consume more salt consumed more liquid. It was also found that sugar water soft drinks were the predilection for thirsty children and young people and accounted for more than a third of its total sales fluid intake. Sun increased salt intake increases the consumption of calories than sugar water soft drinks. More salt were more calories. Most of the salt in the revenue and salty food and snacks, with only 10-15% of the salt from the salt shaker. Processed foods are notoriously high salt and are a staple food in many families meals.


It was estimated that the reduction in salt intake of UK children half (a decline of 3 grams, or half a teaspoon of salt per day) would result in an average reduction of 2.3 sugar gesate soft drinks per week and child. That is a reduction of 224 calories per week per child, or an average of 3.3 pounds per child per year! Five years reduce this consumption, and the average child would be the 16 pounds less!


These results are highly relevant to North American children. It was noted that sugar gesate soft-drink consumption among American children is the same as that of children in the United Kingdom.


Salt is a well-known contribution to high blood pressure - a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Studies have shown that a reduction in salt intake is also a decrease in blood pressure and children.


1. J. Feng He, Naomi M. Marrero and Graham A. MacGregor, "Salt Intake is bound to Consumpion soft drink in children and adolescents: A link to obesity? Hypertension (American Heart Association), March 1, 2008.

2. YC Wang , Gortmaker SL, Sobol AM, Kuntz KM. estimate of the energy gap between the US-children: a counterfactual approach. Pediatrics. 2006.

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MSG Obesity - Food Industry Secret Revealed

MSG obesity is not a fictitious state. No, this is a man-made, very real distress. It is characterized by a person not to lose weight on a low-calorie diet.

MSG is a food additive, a classification of "flavor enhancer," says the FDA. And yet is still so much more. Some of the most common complaints are:

- throbbing headache
- flushing of the face and chest and pain
- burning sensation

And now, we can obesity on the list of adverse reactions. But, how did the link to obesity come to light ...

With the dramatic increase in obesity in North America, the companies want to have all sorts of weight-loss products tested. Laboratories need fat rats to do the tests. But when was the last time you seen a fat rat?

In That is the problem. These rodents course not get fat. Thus, the researchers rats msg. Sometimes even by injection in the developing young. This method is then cited in their research paper and a search of publications in Pubmed.com the extent of this practice.

What you can do

1. Eliminate processed foods from your diet. An important source for this additive.

2. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic.

3. When eating in a restaurant, ask yourself that no msg used.

4. Read your food labels. The threat to health is also in weight loss products.

5. Do not drastically reduce your caloric intake. It was already not working, was it?

6. Perhaps the most important is not to give up hope. Your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself if it is the right nutrients.

Now that you know you can do something about it. The laboratories have shown that young graten are the effects of these chemicals. Maybe we can msg of obesity in a generation not only by feeding it to our children. One solution would be that every child in their lifelong health.

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Classification of Overweight and Obesity by Body Mass Index (BMI)

There are a number of methods for the assessment of body fat as skinfold tests, electronic scales, underwater weighing and waist circumference. However, the body mass index is the most commonly used method. It is an equation, the two Korpergrae and weight into consideration, so that it is more precise than rely solely on scales. The formula is:

weight kg

height x height in meters in metres

For example, if your weight is 80 kilograms and 1.8 meters in height, then your BMI is calculated as follows: 80 /1.8 x 1.8 = 24.

Below is a table that the classification adapted from the National Institutes of Health:

Classification --------------> BMI

Underweight -- ---------- ----> <18.5

Normal (Acceptable) -----> 18.5-24.9

Overweight (Special Attention) -----> 25 -29.9

Obesity (Medical Referral) - Class I -----> 30-34.9

Obesity (Medical Referral) - Class II -----> 35-39.9

Extreme Obesity - Class III ----->> 40

* It is important to remember that the bone and muscle mass can not be considered specifically for the BMI.

obesity and exercise recommendations

Exercise for the obese need to be addressed with caution, and always with the written approval of their family doctor. Not only is the list of illnesses and complications interrelated factors are complex, but an early stage of obesity dietary intervention usually only a few successful weight reduction has been achieved. This is the brighter stress on ligaments and joints and help prevent injury.

Once this has been achieved, and the approval is granted, light, low impact aerobic exercise can be prescribed in combination with a variety of equilibrium, stability and mobility training. Strength training can also serve as a valuable guide, focusing on the core business, hip, knee and ankle stability - be sure to include all exercise with posture.

Below is a good exercise program may be recommended, followed GP ' s with a permit, and /or the assistance and support of a professional fitness:

summary of the exercise recommendations

Warm Up -> Each session -> 10-15 minutes

Cool down -> Each session -> 10 - 15 minutes

Flexibility -> Each session -> Hold for 10-15 secs

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